Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 2

“I can’t believe you touched that.. that gross little piece of shit..” Ginger said while washing her hands.

She was saying a whole bunch of profanities but I was not paying much attention, I just rolled my eyes and washed my hands. I admit it was disgusting, but I had to pick it up. What if someone else steps on it and gets an injury worse than mine. Maybe I’m exaggerating about a piece of gum, but who knows, anything could happen.

I wet a piece of tissue and dabbed it on my scratch. It stung a little, making me hiss slightly. “You know you should go to the schools nurse and show that, it looks quite big.” Ginger said.

“That’s what she said..” I stifle a laugh, and then I notice Ginger’s glare..

“I’m serious..” she says. Making me try to stop laughing.

“Yeah I should go..” I tell her.

“Come on lets go” she says.

“No you should go to class.. The bell might ring any second” I tell her.

“No im-” Ginger was cut off with the school bell. I gave her a ‘i told you so’ look. She rolled her eyes and said “fine but you must tell me what the nurse says okay.?”



We continued to talk while we walked out the washroom. I wasn’t paying much attention to my front and you guessed it I bumped into a hard wall. I closed my eyes and touched my head. When was there wall in the middle of the hallway?

“Jesus! first u would fall on the floor now you hit your stupid freakin head on the wall! Wow Ms. clumsy! Just wow!” I shouted to myself. I hear some chuckling in front of me. A voice I recognized. My eyes open widely as I stare at the person I conveniently bumped on to. James Shaw, the schools golden boy, and supposedly my crush.

I quickly turn my head hoping that Ginger was with me so I could get out of this mess.

But then I notice her running away. She left me alone to handle this, really? I grit my teeth. I nervously smiled at him, as I looked at him.

James Shaw a.k.a the schools Mr. perfect was looking at me with amusement. The smile that was etched on his face was so perfect it could make any girl in this school swoon over it.

James was my childhood crush since i was 10. I had a crush on him since he helped me whenever I would got bullied in the past. No one knows about this silly crush I have towards him and its better that way. I doubt he would even have interest in me.

You see James and I are polar opposites.

He is good looking boy but I’m not, or so I think, the only people who ever complimented how I looked was my parents.

I barely wear clothes that are even supposed to be worn by girls. He is good in sports which explains him being the captain of the basketball and football team. I on the other hand am a lazy ass. I can barely catch a ball properly. The ball would most probably hit my head whenever I try to catch it. I don’t even know how that was possible. That’s why, I try avoid much of my embarrassment and not play that many sports in school. I usually come home and go straight to my laptop, does playing fifa 17 count as a sport? I dont think so.

Our grades are pretty different too. James gets straight A’s without even trying- probably because he has photographic memory, however I, on the other hand, get C’s by trying so hard. Maybe a B if I’m feeling lucky, but rarely an A.

You may be wondering how can someone be so perfect. I wonder myself too. Yet here he is, standing in front me waving his hand above my face to get my attention.

“Sorry” I apologize coming back to my senses and trying my best to act cool. “I didn’t see you there, I-I really didn’t mean calling you a wall.. I wasn’t really thinking- I was just having a bad day-”

“Its okay..” he says, “it’s cute having someone call me a wall.. I’m kind of tired being called golden boy everyday..” he admits, “I’ll see you later” James says walking away smiling that cute dimpled smile of his.

Wall!! idiot.. out of all people you call him a wall. stupid stupid stupid. I rant in my head hitting my forehead like a crazy person.

I didn’t notice the people around me stared at me like I was mental. I did a nervous laugh and made my way to the nurse.

“Hah.. don’t worry about me, I’m going crazy anyway.. I’m about to go to the nurse’s now.. bye..” I mumble to myself but acted as if I spoke to someone.

What’s wrong with me?

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