Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 29

“How long does it take to shower!?” Ginger groans. ” I just want to have food, why aren’t they here yet!!”

“Ginger it’s just been 30 minutes..” I say, “have patience they’ll come..”

“30 minutes!?” Her eyebrows rose up, “why does it feel like an hour just passed!”

“that’s your belly talking.. you can wait..”

“Hey.. You’re the one that’s supposed to be complaining that there’s no food and you’re telling me to shut up..”

Yeah.. There is no doubt that I’ll act just as much as her if there’s no food on my table. I would order food by now, but deciding to wait was necessary. My mind slowly drifted to my date with James - how the soup dripped on his face. I didn’t want to repeat the mess I did before. I’m starting to understand why people don’t leave me alone outside. They know I’ll mess up some way or the other.

“I’m a changed person” I joke.

“I’m a changed person..” She mocks in a fake squeaky voice. “Where’s my Summer!?” She asks staring at me with wide eyes.

“Yeah.. I threw her soul down that dumpster on the way.” I joke.

“No!..” She gasps before covering her mouth with her palm playfully. She then takes it down and grins, “We’ll at least I can steal her stuff” She wiggles her eyebrows.

I smack her shoulder playfully, “don’t you dare steal any of my stuff, those are prized possessions..” I say.

Ginger laughs.

The boys step in the dinar looking fresh from the shower. They look through the place until they spot us. They walk towards us; James and Dalon in one side while Ginger and I sat on the other. The smell of fresh aftershave and Cologne filled in.

“Hello ladies..” James says. While Dalon stays quiet with a smirk on his face looking at me intently.

I smile and say “hey..”

Ginger gives a short wave. I stomp her foot underneath the table making her yelp and glare at me. I act innocent and give her the look telling her to say hi. What? It’s not nice..

Ginger forces a smile, looking at James and Dalon. “Hi..” She says lamely.

“Okay..” James say. There was an awkward silence. I silently prayed for someone to start before I explode to death with embarrassment.

“Bro you played awesome today..” Dalon finally speaks up.

James perks up, “Oh yeah thanks man.. If it weren’t for you, we could’ve lost..”

“No Bro we played well..” Dalon says. They even did a their signature handshake. Since when were they so close?

“You guys were amazing out there.. The way you kicked those guys’ butt was awesome..” I compliment trying to sound like I’m not left out.

Ginger was too busy in her own world so I stomped on her foot again. She yelped and gave me a cold hard glare. “What she said..”

This earns a chuckle from both Dalon and James.

Dalon calls a waitress to ask for the menu cards. Once we get them we order our food.

The food arrived shortly.

“I can’t believe we are having this conversation..” Ginger exaggerates, “How many times do I have to tell you? It’s first the egg.”

“But it can also be the chicken..” James backfires.

“Yeah well how so?” She asks crossing her arms.

“We’ll chickens can produce eggs..”

“Yeah but how did the chicken get formed?” She asks.. “Eggs would be it.”

They both continue to debate about whether the egg or the chicken was first.

“Guys does it matter?” Dalon asks in a bored tone.

“Oh yes it does!” They both say in unison.

“Really guys no one cares if which one started..” I try to say..

“It does..” Ginger says. James nodded.

“nerds..” I hear Dalon mumble.

James smacked the back of his head and said “heard that.”

Dalon rubbed his head, “ow” He said, “you know what, I’m going to take myself a drink from the counter..” He tells James and then looks at me.

“Yeah, I’ll take one too.” I stand up and look at both of them.. “You guys want anything.” They both shake their heads and continue to bicker.

I walk with Dalon to the counter. “You are awful at this..” He says.

“Gee, thanks for being so blunt.. Really appreciate it.” I say lamely.

“You should open up more..” He advices. “You were just sitting there, quiet and still. James might have thought you might have looked odd..”

“What do I do then!?” I whine.

“Speak up to him, make a conversation.” He says before the cashier asks for our orders. After paying for the drinks, he looked at me. “Think of a topic to talk about..”

“I don’t know anything to talk about..” I pout.

He looks at James and Ginger still arguing. “Looks like Ginger knows what to talk about better than you..” He says. This made me look at them. Something within those lines kind of hurt but it was true. Ginger knew how to start conversations better than me.

The cashier gives us our soft drinks. When we turned around to walk back to our table, the sound of a girls voice stopped us. I mean to be more specific she stopped Dalon.

“Oh my gosh, Dalon is that you?” She says looking at him.

Dalon had his eyebrows raised and mouth ajar, ” Jasmine..” He breathed.

So this was Jasmine. Dalon said she looked pretty but I didn’t she know she looked this pretty. She was beautiful. She had blue eyes, dirty blond hair and a fair complexion.

“It’s so good to see you!” She exclaims hugging him “it’s been so long..”

I see Dalon’s jaw clench and his hands forming into fists but he lets go and soon an forces a smile. “It has.”

Jasmine didn’t notice me just yet. But a boy who looked about Dalon’s age stood next to her pulling her into his chest in a possessive manner.

“Jasmine babe, why are you talking to him..” He somewhat looked angry at Dalon for some reason.

“You know him, he’s the guy to touched you at the party..” He says. I looked at Dalon who had his mouth agape.

“So it was Jasmine!” Dalon speaks.

The boy looked pissed and stood in front of Jasmine. Jasmine touched his shoulder, “it’s okay babe, I know him.. He’s a friend.” She soothes. ” And by the way he didn’t touch me inappropriately. He just touched my shoulder.”

“But babe-“

She cut him by saying, “you punched him too didn’t you?” She asks. “How many times do I have to tell you don’t be so possessive.?”

Well that explains why he got that bruise on his cheek. This guy punched him at the party because Dalon saw Jasmine.

“On behalf of Logan, I’m sorry Dalon” She says sincerely.

“It’s fine,” He says sounding not pleased. Maybe it’s because he just saw his ex move on.

Jasmine finally moved her eyes to me and genuinely smiled. “Whose she?”

“Hi..” I say waving.

“Hey,” She says and then looks at Dalon.. “I’m so glad you found someone Dalon.-“

“oh I’m n-” I try to say but he cuts me off.

“Yup, she makes me happy, I mean we love each other..” He says pulling me into him. “Right babe?”

What the hell!?

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