Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 30

After our ‘little chat’ with Jasmine and her boyfriend, Dalon wanted to leave, avoiding me, so I couldn’t ask him any questions. He left early, telling James that he wasn’t feeling too good. He nodded his head indicating that he was fine with it.

James insisted to drop Ginger and I home to which we couldn’t say no.

I can’t help but mentally curse at Dalon for keeping me in a situation like this. I really want to ask him why he did that.. Is it out of jealousy?

Ginger was dropped home first since it was closer, he then dropped me home afterwards. I turn to him and thank him for the lunch.

“No problem Summer.. You came to my game.” He says.. “It’s the least I could do.” I smile at his gratitude.

“Well bye then..” I say getting off slowly hoping that he might stop me. But James didn’t in fact he waited for me get out of the car.

“Bye Summer.. See you in school..” He says through the car door window before driving off. Feeling sort of sad that he didn’t do or say anything I walked back in my house.

Once I got in my room, I quickly took a shower and changed to my pj’s. I really wanted to talk to Dalon about what just happen.. He can’t just ignore me.

I tried to call him, but he never answered any of the calls. I texted him saying,

‘we need to talk’ - Summer

But he never replied.

I look through my window and see that his room light isn’t on. So he wasn’t home. I waited for his car to arrive but he didn’t come yet so I began to do my homework to waste time because let’s face it.. I’m bored. And I finished all my favourite video games and I didn’t know what to do.

Usually.. I would just delay it and do it the next day.

It was night, Dalon still didn’t come home. I tried to call him again but he never answered my calls. Ugh!You are so dead Dalon!

I gave up trying to call him. He wasn’t going to answer me. Maybe I can check tomorrow morning. I laid on my bed and went to sleep.

Saturday morning, me and my family planned to meet my grandmother. But before we left, I decided to just visit Dalon’s house and see if he’s there so I can talk to him.

I rang the bell. A moment later, Dalon’s mom Kyla opens the door. She looks as if she just woke up because she was wearing a cotton robe and her hair was a mess.

“Oh.. Summer..” She says sounding surprised..

“Good morning..” I say smiling.

“Um.. Good morning dear, what brings you hear this early..” She says with her eyebrows up.

“Um.. I’m so sorry to wake you up Kyla..” I apologize, “I just wanted to know if Dalon was home. He isn’t answering my texts or calls..”

“Aw honey, he’s at his friends house. He texted me saying he’s staying there for the night..” She says. I nod. “Is there anything important you want to ask him, I’ll send him the message.”

“Uh.. Yeah..” Should I tell her about him making me his ‘fake’ girlfriend in front of his ex? But Dalon won’t talk to me then. Should I make up a lie? Maybe I should. “I just.. Uh.. Wanted to ask him if he has my history book.. ” I mentally slap myself because that was how creative I was with lying.

“Oh okay..” She says sounding slightly convinced. “I’ll ask him about it..”

“Okay then Um.. bye Kyla. Have a good day..” I say.

“You too” She says smiling. I smile back before leaving. Maybe he’ll come back in the evening.. I think.

Grandma was pleased to see us after a long time. Once she saw Chris and I, she hugged us, squeezing us till we lost breath. Grandma pulled my cheeks while ruffling Christ’s hair. I could still see faint red marks on my cheeks whenever I came cross a mirror in grandma’s house.

Grandma started telling us about how she met grandpa which I already knew about. She tends to tell this story again and again. In fact I think I know what word will come next when she talks about grandpa. Mom, dad and Chris pretend to listen at what she says so she doesn’t feel bad. But to be honest grandma seems to be lost in her thoughts to even care about if anyone is even listening.

I slowly get up from my seat and walk outside to the garden. I quickly call Dalon, hoping he might answer this time. I really want to talk to him. I wait but he doesn’t answer.

Okay.. This guy is seriously pissing me off! I text him angrily, tapping on my screen faster than before.

‘Dalon! You can’t ignore me forever!’-Summer

“urgh” I scream. “Stupid Dalon!” I kick a rock near me but soon regret because of the pain on my toe. “Stupid me!” I groan in pain. I fall to the grass and cover my face. I sigh frustratingly, “Why do I care so much?” I whisper to myself.

After coming home, I go up to my room. I fall to bed and cover my face with my pillow.

I hear the sound ‘ping’ from my phone. I quickly look up and scramble to my phone. It’s from Dalon.

‘Meet me at my place’ -Dalon

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