Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 31

I press the doorbell of Dalon’s house. His mom opens the door a moment later.

“Summer!” She says, “You’re just on time.. Dalon just came home..”

“Yup, I replied my message..” I say.

“Yes.. You can ask for that book if you want..” She says gesturing me to come in. “You can go upstairs.. He’s in his room..”

I nod, she smiles before leaving me all by myself. I go upstairs, no sound to be heard. The only thing I can hear is the ‘squeak’ sound everytime I stepped on each staircase.

Wait, which one is Dalon’s room? Dammit I forgot to ask her that? Maybe I should take the doors which was on the right because my house is from the right of Dalon’s room. Dalon might be in the corner room. So I walk upto the door and knock.

“Come in.” He grumbles from the opposite side.

I twist the door knob and get in the room. Dalon was sitting on his bed, facing his plain wall and his back towards me. “Dalon..” I say. I see his muscles on his arms tense a little. He doesn’t reply to me though. Okay he’s seriously pissing me off here. I angrily walk to him and stand in front of him with my arms crossed. He doesn’t look at me, his eyes were trained to the floor like he was in deep thought. “Dalon!” I say again this time my voice a little louder.

This makes him snap out of his thoughts and look at me. “What!?” He says looking pissed.

“Why have you been ignoring me for I don’t know.. almost two days!?” I argue.

“I was busy..” He says simply.

“Don’t lie to me.. You were ignoring me because you didn’t want me to ask what just happened at the diner that day.”

“Okay fine, maybe I got carried away telling Jasmine I’m your boyfriend.. So what?”

“So what, I’ll tell you so what, bow she thinks we are dating each other and we are in love when we are actually not. Do you know how much lies we have to tell to her if we meet her again.”

“Yeah, about that.. She texted me inviting us both to a party.. I said okay..”

“Dalon!” I exclaim. “Seriously?!”

He just shrugs.

“I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell her the truth.. ” I say, “you know th-“

He cuts me off saying, “What truth, tell her that I’ve been waiting for her to call me, text me?” His voice filled with menace. “She fucking moved on.. And look at me I’m still waiting for her like a suck up puppy!”

“I-i Uh..” I try to say something.

“The funny thing was she had her so called ‘boyfriend’ by her side every single time!” That was true, Logan was always clinging on his girlfriend. “How the hell do I speak to her?! He hates me!”

“I didn’t know-” I try to say.

“How could you know Summer? Seeing someone you love with another person is just awful..” He says. “I couldn’t just tell Jasmine I waited for her for so long.. The first thing that came in to my mind was for you to be my girlfriend so that she too thinks I’ve moved on.. I was fucking jealous” still is apparently..

“Hey, you can talk to her in the party you know..”

“You think it’s that easy huh?” His voice filled with venom. “You think this all will just happen within a snap of fingers..” He gets up from his bed towering over me making him look superior. I step back only to hit the wall behind me. He walked even closer and looking me straight in the eyes. His breath fanning my face. “You really think all this.. Your huge make over you got was really easy?” His voice husky again.

“I didn’t say-” I try to say again.

“You’re so naive Summer..” He says. “James will never like you! The only thing he wants to do is to get in your freaking pants because of how attractive you are.” Hurt was filled within me. “He wouldn’t have noticed you if it wasn’t for me.” My vision becomes blurry, “I just did all this because I wanted your pathetic forgiveness.”

“T-thats not t-true..” I croak.

“It is Goddammit!” He shouts, punching the wall, making me wince. His chest was rising up and down.

“Stop!” I shout back trying to push him but he wouldn’t budge. “Your just pissed.. We can talk this through..” I say quickly.

“Don’t you get it! We are both the same Summer..” He says softly. I notice now that his eyes were glossy and red. So the only thing that came into my mind at wwas to hug him. So I did.

I hugged him. Dalon seemed to be taken a back because he took a long time wrap his arms around me. I felt my shirt get wet on my shoulder and I know cthat Dalon started crying.

“Why did she do it?” He whispers, “why’d she leave me? Was I not good enough?”

“No no.. It’s okay..” I whisper soothingly, “there’s really nothing wrong with you..”

We were like this for a moment when someone knocked on the door. Dalon quickly let go, almost making me fall.

“Dalon honey, Is everything alright?” Kyla says from the other side. “I heard you yelling.. Your not yelling at Summer right, she just want that book you have of hers.”
Dalon looks at me with his eyebrows up, I just shrug. “Uh.. Yeah.. I just can’t find it anywhere.” He says.

“Well find it.. Don’t scare Summer with your anger issues.”

Dalon scratches the back of his head.. “Okay..”

“Good” She says. I hear footsteps fading indicating she was leaving.

I look at Dalon. His jaw clenched and his hands fisted. I could literally see his knuckles turning white. I try to go close to him but he stops me raising his hand in front of me.

“No.” He says. “Just.. Just leave right now”


“I just need time okay.. We’ll talk in school..” He says.. “Bye Summer.”

I quickly nod and leave his room without uttering a single word. To say I was a little hurt of how our conversation just went was an understatement.

When I was leaving the house, Dalon’s mom stopped me. “Did you get the book?”

“Um.. He needed more time to copy the notes so I let him keep it..”

“Oh.. Okay then. I’ll make sure he copies everything and gives it to you on time.. Bye sweetie..” She says.

“Bye Kyla..” I say leaving.

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