Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 32

Dalon kept ignoring me. Even at school he looked upset and somewhat lifeless. I would occasionally glance at him from time to time during cafeteria and notice him sitting with his friends but he wouldn’t utter a word.. He would just keep looking down and ignore his friends calling his name out.

“So.. James spoke to me in the morning today..” Ginger says snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Really?” I ask. She nods. “What did he say?” acting as if it didn’t bother me.

“Uh.. just school stuff..” Ginger says popping a fry in her mouth.. “Didn’t you see him today?”

“No, I didn’t get a chance..” I say. I actually did. I would notice that he was glancing at me but didn’t come up to me. I even tried to talk to him but he would always leave before I reached there. I almost seems as if he too is ignoring me. Am I that annoying? Or is it ignore Summer day!?

“Oh..” Ginger says. I guess it’s not ignore Summer day.. “He just wanted me to join this math competition the math club is organizing.” Ginger says looking at me as if she’s ready for my outburst.

“You should go..” I tell her.

“You sure?” She asks, “I mean it’s okay if you don’t want me too. I underst-“

“it’s okay, you can go..” I say genuinely. The thing that bugged me was that James ignored me for no reason. Am I boring? I couldn’t help think James liking Ginger. No, don’t think that.

I look at Dalon’s table and see him atleast giving slight nods to his friends and half smiles but he wouldn’t speak a word. Atleast that’s an improvement.

The bell rang indicating that lunch break was over. I gathered my things and went to class.

After class, I met Ginger so we good go to our next class together but before that we had to go to our lockers so we could get our books.

Once I took out my books and Ginger took out hers we went to class. Along the way I noticed James smiling at me, waving at me. I smiled waved back. Then I noticed another hand, which was not mine but my best friends. I just realized that wave was not for me, it was for her. Oh..

Maybe he didn’t notice me or something. I tuck strands of my hair that fell over my face behind my ears to make it more clear for him to see me.

He looks at me now with his mouth shaped in an ‘O’ and waved back with a smile to me too.

After school I decided to have a chat with James. I skim through the parking lot and spot him. I walk up to him.

“Hi James..” I say with a smile.

James looks at me by surprise “Summer!” He says. “Hey..” Something in his voice sounds so odd. “What’s up?”

“Nothing new.” I say trying to sound casual. “Just the same old me..” I chuckle. Then i realise that it sounded so lame and i mentally facepalm myself. I clear my throat and ask him “How are you?”

“I’m good, I’m good” He says.

“So I was wondering..” I say fiddling with my thumbs. “Maybe we should I don’t know hang out sometime..”

“Oh..” James says in an unsure manner. “You see, Summer.. Uh.. I don’t think us going on another date is a good idea..” What! Did I hear that right?

“I’m sorry what?” I ask as if what he said wasn’t true.

“Don’t worry Summer..” He says holding my shoulders “Your an amazing girl. it’s just, I don’t see myself with you that much you know..”

“I don’t understand.. Did I do anything wrong?”

“No.. No.. You didn’t. It’s just I’m not into dating yet. We could be friends?” He suggests.

I didn’t know what to say, I was at shock. I like this dude and I messed up.

“Aw cheer up Summer, we could still be freinds..” He says. But I don’t want to be friends. I didn’t say anything so I just nod and smile slightly. He smiles, “great..” He looks at his watch. “I better go.. I have to be early to this math competition in organizing and participating so.. Yeah bye..” He says before getting into his car and driving off not giving me a chance to say bye back.

Stupid James! I liked him for no reason! I did this all for nothing! I slam my front door shut. I stomp to my kitchen and open my freezer. Taking out an ice cream bucket. I take a spoon and stab it in the ice cream.

Only to make things worse was that the spoon didn’t even go in because I just took it out of the freezer and the ice cream is solid frozen. The spoon bounced, causing pain in my palm.

I try to dig the ice cream out but it was too hard. “Urrrrgghh!!” I scream.

“Woah Summer!” Chris says standing in the entrance of the Kitchen, leaning on the wall crossing his arms, “Is everything alright?”

Taking a deep breath, I force a smile and nod.

“Okay..” He drags. “Just don’t kill that ice cream will you?”

I nod again. He leaves me alone in the kitchen.

“I mean why!?” I whine, taking a huge spoon of ice cream and chugging it in my mouth. “I did this all for nothing!”

Memories of how I messed up flashed between my eyes. Dammit Summer why do you have to be the clumsiest one.

I hear the sound of my message tone. I quickly unlock my phone.

‘We won.. Competition had an after party.. :p’ -Ginger

I reply saying,

‘That’s cool.. Congrats’ -Summer

‘I’ll see you tomorrow then.’ -Ginger

‘yeah see ya’- Summer

I was currently stalking James’ Facebook profile. Every picture I saw, I would always eat a big scoop of ice cream and cry.

For some reason when I scrolled down, some of the pictures wouldn’t load. Today isn’t even my day! Stupid WiFi! I refresh the page and see there’s a new post. The pictures of the competition. I quickly click on them. I see Ginger talking on the mike. Probably answering some equation they asked. I smile at how confident she looks. Gosh I sound like a proud mother.

I click on another picture of James, Ginger and a few others holding a cup when they won.

I went through the pictures, even of the after party. But one picture caught my eye. It was James and Ginger dancing together and it bugged me.

“Summer! Ginger is here.. She wants to talk to your!” Chris yells from downstairs.

I didn’t want to talk to her. I think I know why James didn’t want to go on a date with me again. It’s because of Ginger.

“Tell her I’m busy..” I yell back and then I say softly so he doesn’t here “I don’t want to talk to her” to myself but it was too late.

“Why didn’t you want to talk to me?” Ginger asks at the door.

Ignoring her question, I snap, “Why are you here?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something important..”

“Like what, spending time with the guy I like? Or something else!?”

“What?” Ginger says.. “No.. No.. You got everything wrong.”

“I saw the pictures on Facebook Ginger!” I say, “it seems you had alot of fun.” My voice filled with venom.

“Okay.. Obviously you had it all wrong..” She says. “Besides I wanted to talk to you about James anyway..”


“He’s not a good guy Summer.. Your wasting your time on-” She says but I cut her off.

“You know what! Atleast I tried! You didn’t even have the guts to say your feelings to Chris!”

Ginger seems to take that aback.

“You do Ginger?” That wasn’t me. It wasn’t even supposed to be him. But it was. Chris stood there right beside my door with shock all over his face.

I cover my mouth, shock filling within me that I just spoke that out without thinking. Oh no..

Ginger looked like she was about to snap my neck and cry at the same time.

“Oh no Ginger! I didn’t mea-” I try to say but she stops me.

“Save it, I’m leaving..” She says walking up the door. “I was trying to be a friend and say that James tried to kiss me but I stopped him.. Because I thought of you.”

She walked right next to Chris and looked at him straight keeping a neutral face. ” I did Chris , from the very beginning” before leaving.

“Ginger wait!” I yell at her but it was too late.

She was gone.

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