Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 33

What have I done.

How could I be so stupid!? Ginger is my only friend and I lost her. I tried calling her but she never answered. I even texted her but she never replied back.

I regret every word I said to her. God! I really wish I went back in time and shut myself up.

After Ginger left, Chris didn’t say a word and left me alone in my room. I sat on the floor in the corner of my room scrolling through the photos I took with Ginger. God! It’s been an hour since she left and I already miss her. I couldn’t bear the guilt I felt.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by a knock on the door. Wiping the tears that were rolling down my face, I cleared my throat and tried saying, “Come in.” But it came of out hoarse.

Chris comes in, his face softens when he looks at my state. “Hey..” He whispers.

“Hey.” I try to say.

“Mom’s calling us for dinner..” He says, “it’s okay, I’ll te-“

But I cut him off, “What I said to Ginger…” I pause, before saying,”I didn’t mean any of it, you know that right?”

Chris walks up to me and sits next to me on the floor. “Of course I know you didn’t mean it..” He says, “What you said was just out of anger. Nothing else..”

I cover my face with both my hands in frustration, “God! I blew it didn’t I?”

Chris nods slowly, “Well you did say some enlightening things to her..” He looked as if he was trying to make me feel better. I couldn’t I didn’t feel better.

“I didn’t mean it though”

“I know..” He says.

“She isn’t answering any of my calls or texts..” I say, “I really want to apologize to her..”

“I think you should wait,” He says, “wait till everything cools down then you talk to her..” He advices. I nod in response.

“I feel stupid,” I say, “I feel stupid for shouting at my best friend because of some boy..”

“Yes.. About that, who the hell is James?” Chris asks suspiciously.

“Oh..” I say, “Just some boy in school…”

“You like?” He asks with his eyebrows raised up. I nod slowly waiting for a reaction but his expression was blank. “Okay..”

“I’m sorry what?” I ask, trying to recall what he just said.. “Did you just say okay?”

“Yeah, I mean, it was obvious you’ll like someone sooner or later..”

“cool” I smile

“Although, I bet he sucks..” He says in a bored manner.

I didn’t say anything back. It was no use anyway.

Chris seems to notice my lack of words, “There are better boys out there Summer don’t worry..” He said. I couldn’t help but think about Dalon. I really want to talk to him about what just happened.

I nod, “We better go..” I say, “Mom might call us..”

Just when I said that mom calls from downstairs, “I send Chris to bring you downstairs for dinner but you keep him and waste time!” She yells, “Come down both of you!”

Me and Chris look at each other and chuckle slightly. As I go out first from my room Chris stops me. “Uh, what you said to Ginger about me…”

It was no use keeping it a secret when I spilled it out without thinking. I knew why he was asking me, “Yeah she did, she liked you.” I say. When I said that, I noticed he had a faint smile. Choosing to ignore it I went downstairs.

The next day, during school, Ginger didn’t even look at me once. The classes we had together, she would always sit somewhere else. She ignored me whenever I tried to speak to her.

After school, I went to Dalon’s house. Since he didn’t come today, I decided to give him his homework. Ginger isn’t speaking to me atleast Dalon would, I hope.

I ring the bell. I wait till I hear shuffling coming from inside. Dalon opens a door dressed in track trousers and a t-shirt.

“Oh good your here…”

Confused, “What?” I ask

“Come on..” He comes out of the house, locking it. He pulls my hand causing me to follow him, and the school bag that I was carrying on my shoulder to almost fall.

“Wait a second, what the hell is happening?!”

“We’re going to the park..” He says casually.

“Now!? It’s the afternoon!” I exclaim.

“I don’t care..” He says. “You are out of shape..”

“Hey!” I say snatching my hand from his grasp. “Are you implying that I’m fat?”

“No Sum I’m not calling you fat.. I’m saying your not active..”

“I am very active thank you very much..” I talk back. I’m not.. Definitely not.

“Oh yeah..” He says sarcastically. “I’m trying to recall when that happened..”

“Okay rude..” I say before changing the subject. “I just wanted to give you today’s homework you missed.”
Handing him his homework I walk to my house. But he stops me.

“Something happened?” He asks, his eyes searching through my face. How the hell did he know that?


“the tone on your voice,” He says, “it’s not the chirpy, sassy voice” Woah.. The things people can find out just by little things.

“It’s nothing..”

“It’s definitely something..”

“Why are you so-” I try to say something bad but he cut me to it.

“Extremely sexy?” He suggests, “Thanks..”

“I was going to say weirdly observant..” I talk back, “Why are you all of a sudden in a good mood? Did you eat something?!”

“Ha. Ha… No..” He says lamely. “What happened?” He asks genuinely, changing the topic.

“Nothing, it’s just” I say, “it’s just I had a fight with Ginger”

Dalon nods is head, maybe thinking of what to say.

“It’s okay” I say, “We fight all the time..” Except this one was worst.

“Hey, why don’t we go for a jog and talk about this okay?”

I smile, “Yeah Okay.. Let me just put my bag inside my room..”

“Yeah cool..” He smiles back.

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