Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 34

“Seriously Sum jog faster..” Dalon says, “I haven’t got all day..”

“Well you should’ve thought of that before you wanted me to jog with you”

Dalon ignores my comeback and says, “this is my 4th round and your still on the 1st”

“not my problem I have tiny feet” I shrug.

“I could literally go to that shop” pointing his index finger to a small shop not so far from the park, “buy myself a chocolate bar, eat it and you’ll still be jogging in the same spot I left you..” Okay that’s way too much exaggeration.

“Hey.. Just be glad I’m actually jogging.” I say.

“I don’t think that’s jogging to start with..” Dalon says.

“Don’t exaggerate.. I can totally jog a few kilometers before you come back.”

“Oh yeah.” Dalon says not sounding so convinced, “Fine, when I reach that corner,” pointing at the end of the path “just know I’m going to that shop and buying myself a chocolate bar.. If you’re still not by that corner before I come back, I can ask you anything..”

“Wait a second, what do I get if I win” I won’t. I totally won’t. I’m too tired already but I don’t want him to know that.

“I will do what you want for a day..”

“Anything?” I ask.

“You know, now that I think about it, I regret saying that..” He stops jogging to catch his breath making me stop too. He was looking down smirking, as if he knew I wouldn’t make it. Well he isn’t half right.. I can make it. I think.

“Oh..” I chuckle “Your on!”

“Okay Sum see you there!” He says before scurrying off. Wait.. I wasn’t ready. Godammit! That’s cheating!

I start jogging.

“Can you stop-” I say, taking a deep breath, “laughing..”

So I might have not won because I fell on the way and couldn’t get up. Dalon came back from the shop eating the chocolate bar and that idiot couldn’t stop laughing when he saw me laying on the ground.

“I’m sorry..” He chuckles wiping of a tear, “but wow, you managed to fall with that speed too..” He continues to laugh.

“Stop laughing!” I whine, “help me get up!”

“Guess your clumsy habits will stick with you forever..” He laughs giving me a hand to help me stand up.

“Oh.. Don’t I know it” I mumble to myself. “Did you get me anything?”

“Uh no?” He shrugs.

“You forgot to buy me a chocolate bar!?” I hit his shoulder, “your mean..”

“The pressure got to to me,” He said, “there were high chances you could have won.. But faith made me the winner as always..”

“Self absorbed s-” I mumble quietly but he interrupts me.

“I’m sorry you said something..”


“So I won,” Dalon says, “So I get to ask you questions..” He grins. I nod in a bored expression.

We were currently walking back home. Even though Dalon said he didn’t buy me a bar, he actually did, it was in his pocket the whole time. Why couldn’t he just tell me right then. He just wasted a those minutes of mine. I tear the wrapper and take a huge out of it. Dalon looks at me weirdly. “What?” I muffle.

Dalon snaps out of it, “ookay,” He says, “So my question is to you, what actually happened between you and Ginger..”

Once I heard that, I almost choked. concern spreads across Dalon’s face. I shake my head indicating that I was fine, which he relaxes afterward. I try to change the subject. “Gee, I think this bar is expired.. ” I clear my throat. Oh my god! Couldn’t have I just said something more creative and appealing. Just continue Summer. “I mean there’s this sour taste coming out of it” showing him the bar, “I don’t know.. It taste weird you know..” I pretend to look through the wrapper, “yep definitely expired.. We should really complain, I mean the company number is writ-“

“Don’t change the subject” His voice intense which shut me up. ” Come on! You can tell me, aren’t we friends.”

“Yeah,” I say softly..

“Then what’s the matter?”

I told him everything that happened between Ginger and I. What I did was stupid, I know that. I also knew that jealousy took over me and made me go against my best friend. Dalon didn’t say anything, he just kept quiet while I told him everything. Which is a good thing, but I sometimes wonder what he thinks of me after hearing all of it. I already knew it might not be a good one either.

“Just say it..” I say.

“What?” He baffles.

“Just say, what I did was a stupid act to do..”

“It was, but I also know you didn’t mean any of it, so..”

“Huh?” I say confused, “then what are you thinking of?”

“That James is such an ass!”


“I mean, he just declined one of most amazing and fun loving people to talk to and be with.” I feel my face heat up, “He’s an ass for being with you..”

“Can I hug you?”

“Um what?” He says.

“I mean you made me emotional, can I hug you? ”

He laughs before nodding, I hug him, “Thank you for saying that.. I really mean it..”

“No problem, James is seriously missing out..” He says making my laugh slightly, ” and whatever that happened between you and Ginger, I’m sure everything will be alright. Don’t worry..”

“yea I hope..”

Hugging Dalon felt so comfortable. But then I realized he was sweating so my hands would always slip. And he smelled.

I quickly pull back “Ew gross! Your sweat is everywhere!”

“This is what you get when you exercise,” He says, “Besides you asked for it.”

“Yup, sure regret it also..”

“Hey.. That’s mean,” He says, “Noone has regretted this..” Pointing at his body.

I stiffle a laugh, “Okay sure.. Whatever helps you sleep at night”

He sighs, as we continue to walk home. He just changed all of a sudden. Just yesterday he was sad and alone. And today he’s the same person he was before. Wish I could get over something that fast. I hope he spoke to Jasmine that I’m not really his girlfriend.

“So the party is this Saturday..” He says.

“Wait, what?” I asked baffled.

“Jasmine invited us two remember..”

“I thought you spoke to her!” I say, “I thought you said I’m not your girlfriend..”

“Yeah well I couldn’t” He scratches the back of his head. “But don’t worry, I’ll tell it at the party..” He quickly says, “please can you atleast come with me” He pleads.

He even gave those puppy dog faces. Seriously how old are we again? You couldn’t resist the face he was pulling though. “Fine!” I say, “but you have to tell her..”


Changing the subject, Dalon asked me if there was any new video games coming out this year. And me being a goof, I told him a huge list of them that were coming out soon. We spoke about them, and didn’t realize we were already near our houses.

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