Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 35

Saturday came by real fast. The day of the party Jasmine invited Dalon and I to. Dalon said he’ll tell her that we both aren’t in a relationship. You might think that’s just stupid of me to do, but it’s the truth. I don’t want to keep anymore secrets. I already keep way to many.

School was so boring this week. Ginger kept ignoring everytime I tried to talk to her. Dalon was with his friends most of the time, so I kind of felt alone in school. I really want to talk to Ginger, and finish whatever that just happened between us. If only she gave me the chance. That’s it. And don’t get me started on James. I don’t even know where he was this whole week. I don’t even care that much anymore.

I open my closet to find something to wear for the party. I stand there clueless thinking which one to pick. I scratch the back of my head, frustratedly. I seriously need help in fashion. Maybe mom can help me. She’s home early anyway.

“Mom!” I shout hoping she could hear me downstairs.

“Yeah!?” She yells back.

“Can you come up and help me with something!?”

“Sure hun, one sec!” I hear her walking up the staircase. She comes enters my room. “Yeah?”

“Can you help me find a good outfit to go to a party?” She raises her eyebrows probably surprised that I’m going out to a party when she knows I’ll rather sleep or play video games at home. Nonetheless she didn’t ask me any questions, she just went to my closet.

“So is Ginger going with you?” She asks. Okay I didn’t think of this. My mom doesn’t know that Ginger and I aren’t in good terms.

“she has something important to do at her place..” I lie.

“Oh okay.. Is anyone going with you then?” She asks.




“The boy that lives next door?”

“Yup..” I saw a faint smile forming between her lips. As if she knows what’s happening. “What?” I ask.

“Nothing..” She says, “Just be safe, and stay close to Dalon. Come home before midnight. Okay?”

“Yeah Okay..”

“Ooh this looks decent..” Pulling out a white shirt white black stripes on the sleeves and at the bottom of it and ripped jeans. ” She looks inside again, “Oh and these would look good together.” pulling a pair of white vans. This instantly reminded me of Ginger and how we laughed at the stupid joke I said that day. I really miss her.

“Thanks mom,” I smile, “your the best..”

“I know I am..” She jokes around. “I better go down then, I’m making cake. Don’t want that to get all burnt don’t we?” I shake my head.

When she leaves, she almost trips on one of the wires that connected to my playstation. Oops.. I always forget to push it behind.

“Summer, seriously fix this place up.. It’s a mess..” She says leaving.

“Okay mom..” I roll my eyes, I guess parents will always be like that.

I hear my phone vibrate against my desk so indicating someone might have texted me.

‘I hope you found an outfit’ -Dalon

‘Yup already did, did you?’ -Summer

‘I’ll just throw in a shirt and jeans and I’m done..’ -Dalon

‘Sometimes I really hate you.. why is it that simple for you!’ -Summer

‘darling you love me’ -Dalon

‘Ew no.’ -Summer

‘I’m hurt :(’ -Dalon

I knew he was joking, I was smiling throughout the conversation.

‘;)’ -Summer

‘Be ready I’m coming to pick at 6 sharp’

‘Okay captain punctual’ -Summer

‘-.-’ -Dalon

I hear the car horn coming from outside. Probably Dalon waiting for me.

Before I leave, I tell a quick bye to my mom.

“Take care.. Remember what I told you be safe.” She says to me.

I nod before leaving. Once I get in the car, I look at Dalon. He wore a black button down shirt and jeans. Which really looked good on him.

“You look snazzy..” He says with a smile.

“Aw thanks, you look handsome..” I compliment.

“We’ll what can I say, I have serious-” I already he’s going something the make his ego grow big. But I cut him off.

“your supposed to say thank you..”

“Okay then, thank you..” He gives me a cheeky smile.

He begins to drive to Jasmine’s place. I hope Dalon tells her there’s really nothing going on.

(A/N: I really don’t like POV changes. But if the story really needs a POV change then I have to. This is the first time I’m actually doing it. So bear with me if it sounds weird.)

Dalon POV.

I’m really going to see her again. Jasmine. I still don’t understand why she just left without saying anything to me and now she just comes back all of a sudden, thinking that everything is normal and invites me to this stupid party of hers. I really don’t want to come to this party but I have to talk to her. I want to know why.

Summer wants me to tell her that we both aren’t really in a relationship. But I really don’t know what to say to her. What am I going to tell her? I haven’t moved on? How I just waited for her to reply back.. I just wasted so much of my time for this girl I loved. I really regret it.

“Oh, there’s Ginger house.” Summer says, her voice slightly low. Ginger and Summer aren’t really talking anymore. She really wants to apologize to her.

“Don’t worry..” She nods.

I continue to drive.

Once we reached her house, we both rang the bell. Jasmine opens the door looking gorgeous as ever.

“Ah, Dalon, Summer you came” She was surprised but happy. She hugged Summer and then me. I missed her hugs. Summer looks at me, giving me a concern look. I smile, indicating that I was fine.

After she let’s go, she motions us to come in. Loud music is played and everyone is dancing. Jasmine comes closer to us so we could hear her better. “Enjoy the party!” She yells leaving us to accompany another friend.

I feel a nudge from my stomach, I look to see it was from Summer.

“Go talk to her!” She yells. I nod slowly unsure about how I’m going to face her alone.

I walk up to her slowly. I gulp. Once I reached her, I yelled, “Jasmine can we talk?” Before she could say anything a hand pushes me on my chest. It was Logan’s. I stumble back.

“Back off,” He says in a possessive manner. Okay seriously Dude, I don’t like you at all. It’s not like I’m kissing her sheesh.

“I just want to talk to her that’s it..” I say.

“I don’t give a-” Jasmine stops him by placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Logan stop, he just wants to talk to me nothing else.” She kisses his cheek. Jasmine shows me the directions to the backyard where it was silent but you could still hear the faint noise of the music.

“Yeah what do you want to talk about?” She asks.

“Jasmine you know what I want to ask you.”

“I don’t understand..”

“You just left me, with no text or call whatsoever and you pretend that everything is alright between us. Bullshit!”

“I thought you moved on..”

“You think I would move on..” I say, “Jasmine I loved you.. I wanted to say it to you the day you left. The day you didn’t call or text me.. The day when everything just fell apart.”

“I didn’t know..” She says.. “I thought you were dating Summer..”

“No we aren’t. I lied.”

Jasmine stayed silent. She looked as if she didn’t know what to say.

“I actually had hope Jasmine,” I say, “hope that you will come back,” I chuckle coldly. “You did, with your boyfriend of course.”

“Oh.. Dalon I’m so sorry!” She tried to come close to me. But I stopped her.

“I still don’t understand why you left..” She looks down at the ground.

“You know my dad didn’t have a job that time..” She says quietly. “And we he got it, he had to leave. It was a last minute thing. We had to move to Japan. I had to change my number.”

“You could’ve just told me..”

“I would but we were running late.. I’m so sorry Dalon.”

“Save it, whatever happened.. Is already done..” I didn’t realize it under I felt a tear on my cheek. Then I knew I was crying.

I also didn’t realize that Jasmine was hugging me. It feels so good hugging her i don’t even know why.

“I’m really sorry Dalon, I really am..” She says against my chest.

I closed my eyes trying to ease my breathing.

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