Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 36

Summer POV

Jasmine leads Dalon outside, to her backyard. I hope everything goes well. I could see Dalon was nervous, I knew he didn’t know what to say. But he had to face her one or the other and I think this was the right time.

I stood awkwardly in the corner of hallway looking around as if I was expecting to see people I knew around here. Surprisingly, there were a few students from my school here. I didn’t want them to recognize me so I stayed away as much as possible so they wouldn’t notice me.

I didn’t know what to do in the party to be honest. It wasn’t a thing for me, so I didn’t know what to do. Usually I would have someone to talk to but then Dalon is busy and Ginger.. She doesn’t want to talk to me.

I sigh walking to the dining table to get myself a a juice box. I didn’t trust the cups filled with a red coloured drink. For all I know it might be spiked.i take my juice box and jab a straw in it before taking a sip.

I walked to the door that lead outside. Luckily the door was a glass one, so I could see them talking. I know it’s bad to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to know what they were talking about.

I couldn’t Dalon’s face because his back was facing me. As Jasmine was short - upto Dalon’s shoulder- I couldn’t see her face either. Looking at their body language, they both look tensed up. I notice Dalon’s fists are clenched. Oh no, I hope nothing goes wrong. I couldn’t hear anything either because of the loud music playing.

“You know it’s bad to eavesdrop!” Someone yells close to me, making me jump, shutting my eyes in the process. I hold my chest and ease my breathing. I hate it when someone does that! Gosh, almost giving me a heart attack.

I open my eyes, to see Logan. Crossing his arms around his chest making him look intimidating. I scratch my head, letting out a nervous chuckle, “oops my bad.”

“Go and enjoy the party, let them have their talk. It seems important. Jasmine didn’t want anyone to disturb them. Not even me.” Okay this dude acts as if he’s her bodyguard, not his boyfriend. Literally.

I grumble softly but walk towards where everyone was. I sit on one of the couches at the corner. I didn’t know what to do but just sit still and watch people enjoy themselves, laughing and dancing.

“Hi,” someone says startling me.

I turn my head and see a good looking blond boy, around my age. He was giving me a cute dimpled smile making me smile back, “Hi”

“I’m Cole” He says putting his hand out.

“Summer” I shake his hand.

“I know this is some random stupid question,” He says, “but would you like to dance with me?”

I wasn’t in the mood to dance but then the face he was pulling off after he asked me that question made me change my mind. Oh god, screw good looking people who can pull off any facial expressions. I nod smiling.

He jumps in excitement out of his seat. And gives me a hand. I laugh at his behavior and take it. He pulls me to the dance floor. I begin to dance.

Cole on the other hand was doing these weird hand movements. I don’t even know what it was. But it looked funny on him. I fight myself not to laugh.

Wait, now he’s doing the macarena. What the hell is this boy doing? Some of the people dancing stopped and looked at him. Some were cheering.

The next songwas single ladies, and don’t get me started, this boy knew all the steps of this song. He was so into his zone probably forgeting I’m even there. So I clap along with the crowd.

I wasn’t in the mood to dance, so I slowly stepped out of the dance floor without Cole noticing.

I went to get another juice box when I noticed something familiar. Scratch that, it was someone. James. He was straddling a girl and trying to kiss her. I gasp. Okay this is just wrong, I have to stop this.

That girl is trying to push him, but James seems to be too drunk to feel anything. I walk up to them.

“Come on, one kiss won’t hurt..” He slurs.

“No, piss off!” She exclaims, “leave me alone!” She tried to push him again but he’s just too strong.

“Come on stupid girl.. just one..” He slurs again. Oh hell to the no. This is plain disgusting. Ginger was right.. James is a playboy. This pissed me so much, that I freaking liked this guy. They say, when your drunk you tell the truth, and in this situation I found his truth.

I walk up to him and tap his shoulder. His is confused at first but then turns around. “Hi” I say sweetly before punching his face. He falls down on the floor. I look down, to see he had his eyes closed. Did he just fall asleep?

Ow, I look at my hand. My knuckles were all red because of the impact. I look at the girl, and give her a smile. She smiles back, and gives me a tight hug. “Thank you so much..” She says, “He deserved it..”

“No problem. I’m glad to help..”

We both let go. She left after she said thank you once again.

I look at James, who was laying on the ground. I’m such an idiot for liking him. I need to see Dalon, I want to go home. I quickly walk up the backdoor but I saw something which made me stop. Dalon and Jasmine were hugging each other. So everything did go normal. Even though it stung a little seeing them together, I didn’t want to disturb them.

I wanted to leave this party, because it was making me sick. But I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know how to drive. Then I remembered something, I am close to someone’s house. I can go there.

I ring the bell.

Please open the door, I say repeatedly in my head. The door suddenly opens revealing Ginger. She looked at me but didn’t say anything.

Finding this really awkward I begin with a “Hi”

“Hey,” she says quietly.

“Parents home?” I ask.

“Nope they went out on a date. I’m here alone.” She says and I nod. Why is this conversation so awkward. This is never like that between us. I notice how she is fidgeting a little.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, it’s nothing I stabbed my toe..” She scratches her nose. She always does that when she’s lying. So she is lying to me but judging by the situation right now, I let it slide.

“You were right..” I tell her.


“You were right, James is a douche bag.. I should’ve believed you.. I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry Ginger! I shouldn’t have said anything that day. It was a mistake. I don’t even know if this apology is even enough to earn the friendship we had.” I say. “I miss you Ginger, please forgive me” I say softly. My eyes tear up so I look down so that my hair covers my face and close my eyes.

Something unexpected happen however, she hugged me. “I’m sorry too for ignoring you.” I hug her tightly. “I missed you too.”

I didn’t know how long we were hugging each other but we were.

I heard a weird sound coming from the house. I opened my eyes. I notice the door moving. My eyes widen. “Ginger!” I whisper. She let’s go and looks at me. “Your door is moving by itself.” Oh my god please don’t tell me her house is haunted!

“Oh..” She say sounding nervous. “It’s probably nothing..”

“No I saw it moving”

“it’s seriously nothing..”

“I’m going to see what’s there..” I walk trying to be brave, even though I knew I might crap myself if I saw a ghost there. I walk up to the door ignoring Ginger’s calls.

I look behind the door and see a familiar face.

“What the hell! Chris?!” My eyes widen.

He nervously chuckles, “Hi sis..”

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