Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 37

“So your telling me,” I say scooping my hand in a huge bag of chips and shoving it in my mouth, “that Chris is here just so he could help you in a physics project..” I narrow my eyes.

“Mhmm” Ginger nods quickly giving me a tight smile.

I was currently sitting on one of Ginger’s living room sofa with one of my legs dangling from the side of the chair.

When I came inside and saw Chris I was confused. Ginger quickly pulled me inside and dragged me to the living room. And my stomach being not so quiet, grumbled aloud. Ginger quickly went in her kitchen and gave me a packet of chips as she rambled why Chris was in her house.

Now we were all sitting in Ginger’s living room. Ginger and Chris were sitting in the longer sofa. Both looking nervous like their life depended on something. I squint my eyes and look closely. Somethings fishy around here. I can smell it.

Ginger looks uncomfortable under my gaze and starts to scratch her nose again. “I don’t believe you..” I finally say.

Ginger jumps slightly at my voice, and covers up quickly, “No I’m telling you the truth..” She lifts her hand and scratches her nose again. I look at Chris who was also sitting next to Ginger, scratching the back of his neck, nodding incredibly fast.

“Why are you here so late then?” I ask Chris.

“She really needed my help Summer, so I had to help..” I wasn’t quite convinced with his voice.

“Oh yeah..” I say, “Well then tell me the topic that you guys have to do the project on”

Ginger and Chris both still. Do they seriously think I’m an idiot?

“Magnets!” Ginger says.

“Definitely circuits” Chris says at the same time.

They both look at each other like they messed up badly. I smile sheepishly, “ha! You guys are keeping a secret from me.. I know it” I jump from my seat in excitement. “What is it?”

Chris clears his throat, “Obviously you’ve got it all wrong Summer..” He says, “We were both going to make magnets with circuits..” He looks at Ginger “right?”

“Yeah..” She nods quickly, “What he said..”

I look at them suspiciously. I wasn’t going to give up easily. Why are they keeping a secret from me? Ginger fidgets a little while Chris tries to calm her. I wasn’t going to give up easily. So I play along.

“Okay fine..” I say leaning back and shoving a chip in my mouth. They both looked relieved when I said that.

I get up from my seat and place the bag of chips on the coffee table, “Well I wanna see what you’ve made.”

Both of them get up quickly, “there’s no need for that” Chris laughs nervously.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s ugly..” He says quickly, “ya.. Ugly. Right Ginger?”

“Yeah totally,” She chuckles nervously, “it looks horrible.”

“How could it be ugly?” I ask..

“We’ll it is.. There are wires everywhere..” He shakes his hands in the air.

“but. How the hell can a circuit look ugly?!”

“It just is..”

“Right..” We’ll that was stupid.. His excuse didn’t even make sense. How can a circuit look ugly? “Well I still want to see it.”

I turn around only stopped by a hand in my shoulder. “Godammit woman! I’m telling you it’s ugly..”

I roll my eyes,”Bro, I believe the word you’re looking for is messy or I don’t know, maybe untidy..” I say, “ugly seems a bit too off don’t you think?” His face turns red from embarrassment. “I mean seriously, if you wanted to make an excuse, atleast make a good one..” I spoke as if I make excuses any better when I obviously know I suck at it.

“I me-”

“You might as well tell me the truth you know..”

Chris and Ginger look at each other before a brief nod. Chris sighs and looks at me.

“Well the reason why I’m here is because I wanted to see Ginger..”

I look at him dumbfounded. “Oh my god I didn’t know that!” I say sarcastically.

He glares at me, “I wanted to see how she was.” He looks at Ginger and pulls her by the waist making her blush. They look so good together. “I wanted to ask her if her feelings for me were true. I just couldn’t stay and wait anymore. I had to see her.”

“Oh..” Was my dumb response.

Chris ignores my lame comment and continues, “I didn’t know until I came here that I missed her so much.. I missed her so fucking much.” He says softly looking at Ginger. “We clicked you know..”

I couldn’t contain my excitement, I had to cut to the chase.. “So you guys together or what?”

Chris stares at me blankly and gives an annoyed sigh. “Yes Summer. We are together.”

“Oh my god finally..” I say relieved. “Thought you guys would grow old alone..”

“Hey!” They both say in unison pushing me playfully by the shoulders.

“To tell you the truth..” Ginger speaks up, “I’m kind of glad you snapped at me that day..” Her voice sounding so genuine. “If it weren’t for you, none of this would’ve happened..” She holds my hand with both of hers, “thank you Summer, I didn’t have the guts to say it to him, but sooner or later he had to find out someway or the other..”

“What..” I say confused, “Ginger what I did to you was bad, don’t turn that into a good thing. We are bestfriends and bestfriends don’t tell secrets out loud like that. For that I’m so sorry.” I say as I hug her.

After a moment I let her go and turn over to Chris, “So you guys together huh?”

They nod holding each other’s hands. Great I feel like a third wheel here.

“Oh my god, you guys kissed..”

Chris stares at me,”are you serious sis? Really? Obviously we did..” Ginger blushes.

I raise my hands in surrender and chuckle “Okay Bro..”

After few minutes of talking, I really wanted to pee. So I get up and head to the washroom when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I take it out and see.

23 calls from Dalon
14 texts messages from Dalon

Shit, I forgot to tell him I’m at Ginger’s. So I text him back.

‘hey, I’m at Ginger’s house.. My brother is also with me.. Don’t need to worry about dropping me home, I’ll come back with him.’

I put my phone back in my pocket and head to the washroom.

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