Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 3

I can’t believe I called my one and only crush a wall! You piece of poop. Summer you should go and see the doctor. Oh.. I know, you should go home and eat your moms cake and play call of duty.. Yeah, that will help me for sure. Gahh!! if only I kept my freaking mouth shut, none of this would have happened but no.. Ms. clumsy here is one stupid person who can’t control her stupid mouth of hers.

“Summer hey! Summer!! Talk to me woman!” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at a very annoyed looking Ginger. “Why weren’t you answering me!? What are you thinking about??” her eyebrows raise up, but then realization floods all over her face “oh my gosh is it a boy? Is it, is it?” Her eyes glint before smiling, “I knew it.” Ginger was grinning at me.

How did she know I was- never mind. I didn’t have it all over my face right?

I rolled my eyes and said “Don’t be ridiculous. I am not interested in anyone.” I lie.

Ginger pouted “Aww and here I thought my friend here finally got someone to talk about..” I glared at her. “Sorry sorry, I was just joking..” she raises her hands in surrender.. “Anyway I was just asking what the nurse said to you about your wound.”

The nurse had cleaned my wound and had put a bandage on top of it.

“She said its nothing serious it will heal in a few days.”

“That’s good.”

Then an awkward silence was going on between us. The only sound I could hear was the people chatting behind us and the noise of cutlery. Ginger was busy eating her food ignoring me sending daggers towards her side.

I really wanted to ask her why she ran.

The silence seemed a bit long because Ginger felt a little uncomfortable under my stare.

“so..” Ginger started.

“Why did you run?” I snapped.

“I’m sorry what?”

“Why did you run when I bumped into James Shaw? Why did’nt you tell me he was there? I freaking called him a wall.. how embarassing.”

Ginger stifles a laugh “you.. you called him a wall!”

“It’s not funny!”

“Hey.. I didn’t know what to do okay.. besides I was getting late for class anyway. I’m sorry if I did that.. you know how I get when I am nervous..”

I guess I got carried away. “I’m sorry I snapped at you like that but to make it up to me you have to come to my place tomorrow and play call of duty with me.. deal?”

Ginger rolled her eyes but smiled at me and said “deal.”


Once i came home I couldn’t find my house keys in my pocket. Shit! where did I keep it? It must be here some where.. no.. no.. no. I searched every pocket in my pants and all of them turned out to be empty.

Then I remembered I might have dropped it when I fell or when I bumped into James. I mentally face palmed myself. Great now I have to wait till my parents come from work and tell me how stupid I am to lose the keys to our house. I just hope the keys are in the lost and found when I go to school tomorrow or my parents would actually kill me.

‘This day is the worst for you Ms. Clumsy’ I mentally told myself.

I took out my phone and called my mom.

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