Ms. Clumsy

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“Dammit Summer! You literally don’t have anything in your closet ” Ginger shouts at me.

“Thats not true.. If I didn’t have anything, I would be here, right now, with no clothes on, in front of you.. completely.. naked.. ” I say sassily.

“Okay, let me rephrase that.” She says rubbing her forehead. “You don’t have any clothes to wear for prom”

“Oh.” I say lamely.

“How am I supposed to help if you don’t even have a dress to wear?”

“Can’t I just wear jeans?”

“Jeans?” She asks, “you do know this is prom right? You don’t wear ‘jeans’ to prom.”

“Right.. never thought about that.”

Ginger rubs her forehead, “what are you going to wear!?”

I didn’t think about it. I didn’t prepare for this night. I look at the clock on my bedside table, it’s 5pm and I don’t even have the time to go shopping since it’s tonight. Gosh, why do I always have to mess this up. I really want to talk to Dalon about something important too. I mean I could call him but I want to talk to him face to face.

“Don’t you have like an extra dress I could borrow?” I ask her.

“Uh, I don’t have any decent ones, and since I’m not going…” she drags. Oh right. She’s staying, with my so called brother since he’s going back to college tomorrow morning. He did go back though a few months ago before returning again earlier this month.

“Shit, I’m doomed” i say.

“Doesn’t your mom have some?” She asks.

“My mom gave her old clothes to an old friend to get it stitched.. apparently it doesn’t fit her now and pieces of cloth from those dresses falls off”


I’m so dead.. ‘You should’ve planned before Summer. You had like two weeks to prepare.’ I said in my head.

“I mean a dress which is elegant and flowy from the bottom” ginger says. “Oh my god that’ll look so good on you!!”

Flowy, flowy, reminds me of a name. Oh my god Flo! I completely forgot about her. She could help me!

“I think I know someone that could help me from almost embarrassing myself infront of the entire school.” I say with a smile.

“You look stunning!” Flo jumps excitedly, “Dalon wouldn’t take his eyes off of you.”

I turn from the mirror, “Thank you so much Flo. You’re the best..” I smile towards her.

“Damn Summer, you look fine as hell” Ginger compliments, “if I was gay, I’d definitely ask you out on a date..”

“Oh really..” I joke..

“Totally..” she winks at me before laughing. I laugh along too.

We were broken off by Flo clearing her throat, “As much as I’d like to stay here, I better leave..” she says putting her shoes on.

“What? So soon?”

“Yep, I have this huge function that I have to attend tonight.. I’d gladly stay here and chat if it wasn’t important..” she says hugging me, “since you’re a good friend of mine, I took some of my time and bought you of my dresses.. I hope you like it..”

“Like it? I love it!” I squeal. Damn my voice hasn’t gone that high before, almost makes my throat hurt.

Flo chuckles at my outburst. “I’ll see you soon Summer..” she smiles at me and then looks at Ginger, “it was nice meeting you Ginger.. I hope we meet again yeh?”

Ginger smiles cheekily, “yeah we should hang out sometime?”

“I’ll come with you downstairs..” I say to Flo.

“No no it’s fine, I can go down myself.. it won’t be a surprise to everyone now would it.. you better record everyone’s facial expressions after they see you.. especially Dalon’s.. it’s gonna be hilarious..” she chuckles..

“You sure?”

“I’m sure..”

“Well at least let Ginger go with you to the front door..”

“You won’t stop huh?” She smiles, “fine..” she says.. “well then.. I’ll see you soon Summer..”

“You too!” I tell her before she leaves downstairs with Ginger.

I turn and look at myself in the mirror. The sleeveless dress was yellow. The type of yellow in sunflowers making it look warm. It flowed down covering my legs fully. I liked it that way. Flo had even bought me a matching bracelet. It looked good on me.

“Oh my!” Someone, who seems to be my mother, gasps, “my little girl is so beautiful and all grown up”

“Wait mom? I wasn’t grown up yesterday?” I joke..

“You know what I mean Summer” she walks up to me kisses me on the forehead. Turns me towards the mirror and gives a warm smile. “You look gorgeous..” she whispers, making me smile again.

“Thanks mom.”

“Ooh wait, I got just the right necklace for that outfit.” She chimes before leaving towards her bedroom.

“But mom! You know how I hate any type of jewelry.. especially the necklace makes me feel like I have something is strangling me!” I whine loudly.

She comes back with a gold necklace. A beautiful gold one, the one dad had gifted mom in their 1st anniversary. “Hush, don’t be dramatic and wear this.”


“No buts. Turn around so I can clip this.” She orders and I do as I was told. Once she was done, she looked at me through the mirror and gave me a satisfied smile. “Now your outfit is complete..” she says.

I touch it gently and smile at my mom. “Thank you mom” I hug her.

Mum pulls apart, “okay, let’s go down.. everyone’s waiting.” She place a hand behind my back for supper as I try to lift my dress before going down.

As I go down the steps, I see everyone waiting for me. Once I reached, I walked up to my dad. “Wow!” He said, “you look stunning!”

I smile, “thanks dad” hugging him.

I look at my brother Chris who was standing next to him. Ginger was also there next to chris wrapping her arm around his. “You glow up pretty well sis..” he says

I grin, ” why thank you bro.. never thought you’d compliment me..” I chuckle.

“I do compliment you sometimes..”

“Rarely,” I tell him. Then I looked at Ginger and gave a warm smile, “I still want you to come..”

“No Summer I’m fine here.” holding Chris’ hand, “what am I going to do there anyway?”


“It’s fine, don’t worry..” she rubs my hand in assurance.

And as she said that, as if everything was planned, the doorbell rang, indicating that Dalon was behind the door waiting for me. Mom and Ginger were whispering for me to open the door. I dust my dress and try to look my best.

I walk up to the door and open it wide to meet his handsome face. Dalon stood there in an off white suit looking as handsome as ever. The suit fit him so well, which made him look quite hot. But I didn’t say anything. I was waiting for him to say something.

“Sum” he breathed. “wow!” As if he was had no words to describe how I looked. His eyes roamed down my dress then my face before regaining his senses and clearing out his throat. “….Y-you look beautiful?” He says in a soft tone but smiled at me genuinely.

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself” I say, making him chuckle.

“I’ll take that as a compliment” he chuckles. I didn’t notice that he had one of his hands behind his back until he brought it front and handed me a rose, ” this is for you..” I smile genuinely at him.

“It’s lovely thank you” I say but was interrupted my my mums voice, ” how adorable!” She chimes in. “He reminds me of you honey when we were in high school” she says probably talking to my dad.

“I wasn’t like that..” my dad says quickly..”

“Nope I remember clearly, you coming to my house picking me from prom..”

“Mom, dad!” I look at them skeptically. They both were confused as to why I called them. “I’m going..”

“Oh okay sweetie.. be safe” my mom says. I nod.

My dad walks up to Dalon, I could see Dalon looked scared little. My dad looks at him warily and says, “you better take care of my daughter or else-” I cut him of shortly.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Dad stop joking around” i force out a chuckle trying to make it believable as possible.. i take Dalon’s hand and pull him towards his car. “Let’s go?” He nods.

Once we reached our school, Dalon got off the car first and then walked over to my side of the car and opened the door for me. “Such a gentleman” I say playfully.

“You know it” he grins with a wink.

He gives me his arm, making me confused. “Why are you giving me your arm.. it’s not like I have to carry it or something.”

Dalon looks at me like I’ve grown another head. “Your kidding right? You’re supposed to wrap your arm around mine.. it’s what couples do” he says with amusement.

“Oh..” I say embarrassed, but quickly recover and say, “of course I knew that!”

“Oh really?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Okay no.. ” i say embarrassed.

“Come on” he chuckles, “let’s go in”

We started to walk towards our school when I noticed something. A tree. And not just any tree, it had yellow flowers growing in it. I stopped, let go of Dalon’s arm and walked towards the tree.

“Where are you going?” Dalon asks confused.

“Just one sec” I say before picking one of the flowers out.

I walk up to Dalon and hand it over to him. “What’s this for?” He asks.

“It matches my dress, we’ll look like an actual couple then” I grin, “put this on your suit or something..”

Dalon smiles and put it in his pocket but in such a way that you can see the actual flowers. I smile at how cheesy we look.

“Okay now lets go?” He asks again, and I laugh and nod.

The song that was playing as we entered was ‘I feel it coming’. Everyone was on the dance floor, with their partners.

“Shall we dance?” Dalon asks with a grin on his face offering me his hand.

I chuckle before saying, “we shall” he takes me to the dance floor.

He put one hand on my hip and holds my hand with the other. I placed my hand on his shoulder and began dancing.

“Gotta admit, you can dance..” he smirks.

“I try” I chuckle. I wanted to talk to him about something important.

“Uh, I need to tell you something” he says interrupting my thoughts.

“Yeah sure..”

“So the thing was..” he starts, “remember six months ago I came to your room saying I like you a lot.”

“I remember that..”

“I just want to say that I’m completely over Jasmine.. and.. and.. I think I uh.. love you..” he says nervous voice. “Wait, I know I love you..” he says with more confidence.

I stayed quiet, processing everything he said. He just he loved me. Oh my god.. “oh my god.. I didn’t even know how to say this..thank god you said it first.. I love you too” I smile cheekily at him.

“Thank god” he looks relieved before hugging me tightly. “I love you so much..” I laugh..

“Okay everyone I hope everyone has voted because now it’s time to announce this year’s prom king and prom queen!” our principal announces onstage. Everyone cheers in excitement. “Prom king, is James Shaw.” That was expected. Who wouldn’t vote for him, he’s the freaking golden boy here.. but I know he’s just an asshole. He skips towards the stage and gets his sash and crown from the principal, “Prom queen, is Jana Hill” everyone cheers again. She’s the head cheerleader in our school. “And now they shall dance..”

They both walked to the center of the dance floor and danced to a slow song.

When they finished, the DJ changed the song into a fast one. Everyone started crowding the dance floor. Dalon jumped from his seat, took my hand and pulled me towards the dancefloor.

We both started dancing real fast and laughing at the same time.. I of course didn’t pay attention to my footing and tripped on my dress.

“Shit!” I close my eyes, ready for an impact when I was stopped by hands wrapped around my waist.

“I guess Ms. Clumsy is still there with us” he grins sheepishly..

“Oh yeah.. she’ll be here forever.”


Hey this is the end of Ms. Clumsy!

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Please check out my book in other websites such as wattpad and sofanovel.

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