Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 4

I was sitting on the steps that led to the front door.

I was playing candy crush on my phone as I waited for my parents to arrive.

“Sweetie?” A female voice says out of nowhere. I jump slightly, almost dropping my phone in the process.

I look to my side and see a sweet middle aged woman looking at me. Must be our new neighbors. I thought.

I smile at her and ask “yes?”

“Why are you out here alone out in this blazing heat?”

I did a nervous laugh and said “I kind of forgot my keys, so I’m waiting for my parents to arrive.”

“Aw hun, come and wait in our house.. God knows how long you have been waiting for them. I have a son your age maybe you guys can be great friends.. by the way I’m Kyla Andrew”

“Summer..” I introduce myself, “It’s okay Mrs. Andrew I can stay here”, I can manage..”

“No, I insist.”

I sighed and made my way to her house. Their house was the same as ours, a two story house with three bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs with the kitchen and a hall.

“sit sweetie I wont bite” I laughed softly and sat on her sofa. “Honey! come down we have a guest!” she shouted looking at the staircase in front of us. I guess she was calling her son.

“Yeah! one sec.” He shouted back. That voice seemed familiar.. I heard it somewhere before! Then I realized who this voice belonged to. No it cant be! I rant in my head, praying to the beyond that it’s not the person I was thinking of. I hear footsteps, signaling he was coming downstairs.

As if time froze when we saw each other’s faces from across the hall. My heart starts to race as I see the fimiliar face infront of me. Dalon Andrew, my arch nemesis. The bully who used to steal my lunch and homework and made pranks on me.

My jaw clenches.

“Well well well, didn’t think I would see a fimiliar face when I would return to my home town in the first day itself..” he says with a haunting smirk.

Of course Mrs. Andrew was confused and asked “You guys know each other?”

Hell yess! We knew each other pretty darn well.

Dalon Andrew had a pretty good reputation in our school before he left. He had girls falling for him, played well in sports. Although I didn’t know what caught his eye in me which made him want to bug the hell out of me. I hated it, because he never left me alone and he always pulled pranks on me.

Then, one day he left our town two years ago to New York because of his moms job. I’ve never met his mom before, so I thought it was some other Kyla Andrew when I saw her outside. I never knew the world was this small.

Two years had passed, I was happy. No trouble, no pranks. I was kind of relieved when he left our school, but now he’s back which makes me hate my day even more.

I was pissed and I was pretty sure it was noticeable because Dalon had a smirk on his face. I felt the urge to slap him for all the pain he gave me. How embarrassing it was! I hated it.

I realized Dalon’s mom still stood looking confused. There was this dead silence between all of us which made it even more awkward. I try to stutter out some words so I could deny that I knew Dalon.

But Dalon beat me to it, “Of course we know each other, don’t we Summer?” his voice sounding rather playful and genuine. He wraps an arm around my shoulder. I stare at him from my side.

“Oh well then, you guys being friends won’t be that hard I guess..” she chuckles. I force a small smile.


After a few minutes talking to Dalon’s mom about the houses here and my parents, I hear the sound of a car horn.

I knew it was my parent’s.

I smiled at Mrs. Andrew as I bid her goodbye. I mumbled a goodbye to Dalon without even glancing at him and made a run for it.

I needed to sleep.

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