Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 5

Ever had those times when you just stay in bed staring at the ceiling like some lunatic daydreaming about the sheep flying over their head, counting them one by one. Well there’s me. I can’t sleep, yay me. ‘Come on Summer you need to sleep you have school tomorrow’ told myself. I snort at the thought, as if I ever liked school in the first place.

God! why does Dalon have to come right now. I was so happy when he left. I took deep breaths. ’Its okay, think about buying the game ‘the last of us or think about Mr. perfect. Yeah, think about him.’ I closed my eyes thinking about James and him smiling and laughing about something, I have no clue of, but who cares.

I was about to fall asleep when I heard a loud ringing sound making me jump up from my bed. It was my alarm. What! Its 7:00 already, i didn’t even sleep. Great, now I have change and go to school. Just when I thought maybe tomorrow will be a better day, it’s not going to happen.


“Honey wake up!” I hear a voice, ugh let me sleep.. I’m tired as hell.

“mhmm” I was too tired to even say a word properly.

“Sweetie we’re here, Don’t you want to go to school?” School, SCHOOL! Shit.. I open my eyes and see my mom looking annoyed. Apologize idiot. right.

“Sorry mom, I just didn’t sleep well last night” I apologize.

“Well clearly..” she says, “anyways try to sleep with your mouth closed will you.” she said trying her best to hold her laugh, but when she saw the look on my face she couldn’t help it, she burst into laughter.

Huh some mom she is. I got out of my mom’s car and went walking telling bye to her. I walk towards my locker hopefully to see Ginger there too. Her locker is right next to mine. Coincidence huh?

When I reached there I see Ginger running towards me. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact but i felt nothing. I opened my eyes slowly to see her staring at me with glint in her eyes.

“Have you heard the rumors?” she asked still breathless.

“No.. what rumors?” I was fully aware of what she was saying because I was the first to know, but I was not in the mood to explain it to Ginger.

“Dalon Andrew is coming back today.. New York wasn’t enough for him? And guess what the ‘popular group’ has been saying, that he has become hotter than before.” I wasn’t going to disagree with her about this. He had become more handsome since the last time I saw him two years ago. But i’m not going to brag about it.

I rolled my eyes “could we talk about something else?” I ask as I took my books out of my locker. Ginger never replied to me because she was too busy looking at something else. I looked at whatever she was looking at. What made her mouth go wide open as if she’s seen a lion walk into the school.

I looked at where she as looking, and turns out the famous Dalon Andrews made a grand entrance through the front door. He was wearing his black leather jacket, a white shirt, Jeans and converse which somehow looked good on him, plus his shades were on. I wanted to laugh a little, we were inside school, you don’t need shades in here. I looked around to see everyone staring at him. People were fanning their faces as if the place was hot. Are you serious right now? Him of all people. The scene was hilarious because everyone was staring at him, and Dalon acted as if this wasn’t new to him.

At this moment my stupid self was imagining some rock song playing and Dalon was walking in slow motion while some people were fanning their faces really slow. I know my mind has a weird imagination.

Dalon took his shades off and walked passed us. He winked at a few girls, which I’m sure fainted. As he passed me he smirked before sending a wink towards me. That bastard. He made his way to the office to get his schedule I think.

I looked back at Ginger who still had her mouth open. I face palmed myself and shook her shoulder.

“Huh?” still dazed.

I rolled my eyes, and pulled her towards our class.

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