Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 6

Ginger and I sat at the back of our class as all of the seats in front were taken.

Once we sat down I took my books out.

Ginger, on the other hand, started rambling about how that douche a.k.a Dalon has become.

“Dude! I thought Dalon was hot but I never knew he could even become this hot.. Oh my gosh New York did well on him.. God damn-” I wasn’t paying much attention to what she was saying I was just doodling in my book. I wasn’t interested in fangirling over my childhood bully.

“Miss Allen, may I ask what you’re talking about for the past 10 minutes with miss Haynes?” Our teacher Mrs Smith mentally sending daggers to Ginger. She was furious. Her face reddened with anger and the red dress she was wearing wasn’t even helping either.

I looked at Ginger and saw her face lose all colour. Come on Ginger make up some excuse. “uh..” great, she’s dead.

“hmm, I’m waiting.”

Ginger shifted in her seat. She looked like she wanted to pee herself.

“Say something quick, before she explodes..” I mumble softly, but loud enough for her to hear.

“W-well you s-see ma’am,” she stammers, “Summer here.. uh.. was sick.. yeah, she was sick and I was trying to help her.” Uh what? Why didn’t she tell a better excuse.

“Well i don’t see miss Haynes looking I’ll. She looks completely fine dont you think?” At this moment I pretended to give a fake cough ended getting a glare from me, “I expected better from you miss Allen, move there to that corner seat,” pointing to the corner opposite to the door. Ginger frowned but made her way there.

The teacher began to continue her lecture, but was soon interrupted by a knock on the door. Once the door was open I saw the familiar set of blue eyes. Dalon. Wow he’s in my class. This outta be interesting, Not. I hit my head on the table.. Ow.

“Yes may I help you?” asked Mrs Smith.

“Uh yeah.. I’m your new student.” he said in a husky way. I mentally cringe, did he have to say it like that. I glanced at Ginger was jumping excitedly in her seat while some girls in our class had their jaws open and while others started to swoon. Are they serious right now?

“Oh really,” says Mrs Smith, “that’s nice, Tell us about yourself.”

“My name’s Dalon Andrew. I used to study here two years ago but I had to move to New York. But now I’ m back. Handsome as ever.” I rolled my eyes. Cocky as always.

“Okay Dalon, you may take a seat. You may take the one near miss Haynes” that made me jump from my seat. Dalon smirked looking at me. Why of all people why me!!

Dalon made his way toward the seat next to mine. Dont look at him, just dont look at him. Maybe if I just ignore him, he won’t talk to me.

And the lecture began.


This is the most dreadful lecture I had. Mrs Smith needs to lighten her lectures a bit. She makes it so dull and boring. With Ginger not by my side, the lecture was really boring. To top it all off, Dalon has been annoying me for the past thirty minutes.

“Psst, Sum.” keep ignoring. “Come on Sum listen to me for once.”

I gave up. “What!” I whisper yelled, still annoyed.

“Finally she speaks. You haven’t changed a bit Sum.” smiling at me.

“Clearly you have!” I snapped.

“Why are you mad at me, I didn’t do anything wrong..” I was furious by his statement. Does he not remember how much hurt he gave me. I even broke the nip of my pencil while I was doodling.

“You and ‘not doing anything wrong..’ very funny Dalon. You hurt me a lot..” I say, “You don’t remember.” I did a sarcastic laugh “let me remind you, tenth grade, you hit me and stepped on my history assignment, I freakin failed that assignment because of you. When I worked hard for that. Not only that but you have hurt me through out my childhood..” I gulp. At this point the bell rang. “Don’t talk to me. And one more thing, don’t you call me Sum!” I say.

I got up and packed my things.

I dont want to deal with this bullshit. I left in a hurry without waiting for Ginger, knowing I would meet her in the cafeteria. I faintly heard “Sum I’m sorry” when i stepped out of the room.

I am so pissed with my life right now!!

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