Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 7

I walked to the cafeteria and sat next to a table. I was too tired for not sleeping last night, so I put my head down and closed my eyes.

I felt someone shaking my shoulder. But I wasn’t bothered to see who it was. I already knew it was Ginger.

“Hmmphh” swatting that her hand and returning to my sleep.

“Summer get up!” I opened one of my eyes slightly and noticed her crossing her arms, pissed. I forced myself a smile.

She rolled her eyes and abruptly sat next to me. “Where were you? I looked everywhere for you, you know that. Why did you leave class without me? You always wait for me.” She pauses, “is everything alright Summer ” She rambles.

“I’m just tired. I didn’t have much sleep yesterday.” I told her with a sore voice. I put my head back down on the table.

“You don’t look so good.” Staying the obvious. “But then again you always look this everyday..” she jokes.

“Ha ha very funny..”

I heard a sound of a chair being pulled out. I wasn’t bothered to see, might be Ginger getting up from her seat to get her food. But then I felt someone nudging me from the side. I looked up an saw Ginger looking really excited. So wait she didn’t leave? What was that noise?

I look at where Ginger was looking. I jump from my seat, startled. This made me hit my knee from underneath the table.

You have got to be kidding me!Stupid Dalon. Why does he want to spoil my life. I gritted my teeth. I already had enough mess in my life already.

“Hey Ginger right?” He said looking at her. She nodded excitedly.“What a great name, can you be a darling and get Summer some food from the counter. She doesn’t look so good.”

She wouldn’t agree that fast”

“Okay!” she stood up from her seat and left me alone with Dalon. Wait a minute. I wasn’t expecting her to leave that quick.

“What do you want?” I said angrily glaring at him from across the table.

“Now Sum that’s not how you greet people now is it.” He said with a smirk. He seriously needs to stop calling me a math sign for crying out loud.

I crossed my arms and gave a disapproval look. His expression changed.

“Look Sum, I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry for all the things I’ve done in the past. Please forgive me”

“Its really hard not to forget a bad memory.”

“I know but I’m willing to do anything just so that you can forgive me.”

“There’s nothing -”

“I see the way you look at James. You like him don’t you.” My eyes went wide. How did he know that.

“What no I don’t.” I lied.

“Stop lying to me.. I know you do.”

“So what, what are you gonna do about it. Tell him? That won’t help”

“Gee I’m not that lame. I’m going to help you.” I didn’t know what to say.. Why now. He noticed my expression and said “then its settled, i’ll be helping you to get James to notice you.” by this point Ginger came back with two trays of food.

“Who to notice you?” She asked.

Dalon was about to say something but I interupted him. “Is that my tray? Give it to me.. I’m so hungry” I said snatching my tray out of her hand.

I took a few fries and stuffed it in my mouth smiling at Ginger. But then i got choked and started caughing. Shit.

“Oh my god Summer why do you always eat like a pig! Here take some water.” i took the water and drank it like it was no tomorrow. I looked at Dalon to see him looking at me with amusement. You think im funny.. Hardy har har.

“You need alot of work on your eating skills.. Sum” excuse me. Fine i like food.. Okay I love food doesnt mean i cant eat properly right? Who am i kidding i suck.

Dalon got up with his tray of food and winked at me. “It was nice talking to you Ginger.” smiling at Ginger. She giggled and nodded.

“You too Sum.” He said with a smirk and left our table and sat with his freinds.

Ginger started shaking me with both her hands on my shoulders. “Oh my gosh a hot guy just became friends with us!! How cool is that.. He even knows my name.. And nicknames you Sum!! Which even cooler!” I did a soft laugh at her excited self. But remembered about what Dalon would do..

Ugh what did i get myself into.

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