Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 8

I was sitting in my chemistry class when James came and sat next to me. Oh my god hes sitting next to me! Act cool. The lecture began.

I felt his gaze on me. I turned my head to see James staring at me with his mesmerizing eyes.

Suddenly i could not hear what the teacher was saying. I was lost staring at his beautiful eyes and he was on mine. This is so cheesy but I’m loving it. James opened his mouth to say something but instead of words, a sound of a knock came out from his lips. .

Huh? what the hell. Why is he talking like that? “I’m sorry what?” i ask.

“i said-” again with the knocking sound, what the heck. James started speaking again but his voice was quite different. His voice was more thicker and it sounded like it was coming from outside.”Sum open the window!”

I woke up at once from my bed. I touched my head, wow i heard voices. Maybe its the pizza i ate for dinner. I knew there was something wrong with it. i went back to sleep when i heard another knocking sound i opened my eyes at once again.

I heard the sound coming from the window. I was scared. What if its a thief? or a murderer. or a zombie oh my gosh! i don’t even have a gun. Okay I’m exaggerating but who knows maybe there is one out there. I take the nearest thing which was a my side lamp and go slowly to the window.

i came close to the window and opened the curtains and saw Dalon looking at me with a smirk on his face. What does he want. More importantly why is he on my roof. How did he even get here?

“What do you want!” i whisper.

“Let me in.” seriously.


“Come on! You wouldn’t want a poor soul outside in the cold now would you.” giving his puppy dog eyes. Wow he’s good. Don’t fall for it Summer.

“why cant you go to your place? I mean its right next door.”

“I’m bored. Plus we can do something about the James problem.”

“Do it in the morning, i want to sleep.” i was about to close the window when Dalon stopped me.

“Come on Sum. please..” god i hate my good self right now.

“fine, come in.” i stepped back to give him space to come in my room. I’m gonna regret this alot.

Once he stepped in. He took my phone. My eyes widen. “Hey! give that back.”

“i will, just let me save my number in your phone.”


“so that i can contact you duh.”

“no shit Sherlock.” i crossed my arms.

“relax i just want to have your number so that we can finish with this James business fast. By the way nice minion pajama you’ve got there.” he grinned. My face pretty much must be red. He laughed at my expression.

“ha, ha very funny” i give him a bored face.

“so.. what should we do?” i ask him. he took a piece of paper and a pen. He sat on the floor crossing his legs.

“sit here next to me” he says.

I go and sit on the floor facing him instead of sitting next to him. He rolls his eyes but continues to what he is about to do. He takes the pen and paper and writes ‘to do list’ on the top of the paper. then he writes one.

“okay so you need to do alot of things before you get into the James business.” wow, ‘the james business’ what is this, a business organisation.?

“I think you should start with going shopping.” what no. I give him a disgusted look. “i reckon you hate shopping?” i nod. “well then we need to do it.” I groan.

“Next you need to do is to get yourself a makeover.” god no! not make up. Make up is like colored sticky stuff stuck to ur face.

“please no make up!” I whine.

“relax you gotta trust me” i pout.

Dalon kept on listing the things we need to do and buy before we start with the James busin- stupid even you are saying it too. I mentally facepalm myself. We need to fix that. Once he was done he wrote it again and gave me one copy and he kept the other to himself. I quickly read what he wrote.


1. Go shopping

2. Buy those girly stuff

3. Make over.

4. Buy those make up things.

5. Training

6. Be less clumsy

7. Walk in heels

8. Go to a party.

9. get a guys number

10. Say to dalon thank you.. You are the best

I wanted to gagg at what he wrote.. What the hell.. Half of them are ridiculous. I gave him a ‘are you serious’ look.

“what?” He asked as if he doesnt know what im trying to tell him.. He definately knows what im trying to tell him. That idiot.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning Sum. I’ll be picking you up.!! Dont be late.” He says while going out from the window.

i go to my bed and hit my face on the pillow and groan. What the hell am i doing with my life.

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