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Whatever Happened to Princess Katarina?

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One letter the changes orphan Katarina's life forever. This story looks back at one girl's experience in finding out she is a long lost princess and all of the surprises that came with her new life; not all of which were good. Cover made using Word -From the author- This is the first book I have tried to write so keep that in mind when reading lol. I will admit the story is a little clishe, but I did try to make it a little unique. The idea of writing it like it was someone's diary is not origional to me but I liked the style when I read a book written that way and I wanted to incorporate it into my story.

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CH I-The Beginning

I never kept a diary. Never wanted to. But . . . . so many crazy things have happened to me recently that I felt I needed to go back and write it all down. So here, in this book, I have gone back and written the crazy story that is my life. I will start at the beginning for after all it is the only place to start.

JANUARY 5th, 2004

My name is Kat Graham or at least that's what I've always been told and well. . . why would I ever question that? Perhaps I should have. It never occurred to me to question the name I’ve always had because…Why should it right? I'm about to tell you about how I went from being plain Kat Graham, to being her royal highness princess Katarina Josephine Nicoletta Yvonnavich. I was born in Vonochellovia, Rostova. You might be thinking about now "where on planet earth is that supposed to be?" Well, it a smallish, medium Ish country slightly west of Russia. It’s mostly known for being one of the few countries left that still has a governing monarchy. It’s also known for its beautiful architecture, historical landmarks, and also for some of its more. . . . controversial laws (which we will discuss later). It is a very popular tourist attraction because of its beauty and of course because of its castle and numerous other beautiful sites. There are the Yenar Hot Springs (because who doesn't love a good hot spring), the beautiful Cathedral of Vonochellovia, several different old ruins of medevial towns, and some very pretty beaches. Although why you would want to go to a beach in a place that is almost always cold, I have no clue, but to each their own. The capital of Rostova is Vonochellova and the Lyod (lyod means ice) castle is located there. The castle itself is one of the most majestic and beautiful structures in the country. It’s a place most (not including myself) could only dream of living in. The outside of the castle is made of this beautiful, pale, whitish-blue stone and the castle is sprinkled with several beautifully patterned, frosted windows with gold trim. The middle section is wide, circular, and taller than the towers. The roof of the center section of castle as well as the roofs of all four of the towers are shaped like a twisted domed that tapers at the top. The material the roof is made of is white with gold streaks in it. The four large towers, two in the front and two in the back are also circular and each contain a spiral staircase inside that leads to guest chambers at every level. Not the most practical of designs but hey, it’s a palace who cares about practicality. The inside of the palace is just as grand as the outside with its white marble flooring that has golden streaks ribboned throughout and the inside walls are the same pale blue color as the outside of the castle except, they are smooth instead of stone. It looks like a winter palace straight out of a fairy tale! Most of it is not open for guests to view as the royal family actually resides in the castle, but certain parts of it are, such as the art gallery containing historic paintings and portraits of former rulers and their families. There are also a few smaller rooms open as well, but none as interesting as the gallery. My father was King Victor Yvonnovich ruling king of Rostova and my mother was Queen Katia Yvonnovich. I was the last born of five (two sons and three daughters in that order). However, when I was only three, everything changed. You see around this time there was a rebel faction in Rostova called the Vorstas who wanted a say in how the country was run. They knew, however, that both the current ruler and most of the citizens of Rostova would never agree with the laws they wanted to change and add. This is mostly because these changes and additions benefited the rebels and pretty much the rebels only. I won't bore you with the political or legislative specifics, but just know they were heavily influenced by communistic ideas. Anyway, back to the story. . . The Vorstas knew that their country was a monarchy and even though it wasn’t a perfect system pretty much everyone liked it the way it was. With this in mind, the Vorsta’s knew that the only way that they could have their own way was for one of their members to become the ruling monarch of Rostova. You can't just become a monarch though. You must meet certain qualifications. In Rostova, the crown is passed down through the ruling family since they generally have been raised for the role and have a strong sense of duty to the country that has been drilled into them since birth (sounds fun right?). However, that isn't always the case. If a ruler is deemed unfit by the people, they then must go to the Gerronva. The Gerronva is a cabinet of government officials made up of an elected artist, architect, scientist, doctor, soldier, and politician to name a few that are masters in their field; these officials make up a cabinet that advises the ruler and helps write laws; they ultimately have no power though other than to remove a ruler if they have broken certain laws (cause royalty have laws they must follow too). To remove a ruler from power they must be deemed by the majority of the individuals on the cabinet to be in violation of the laws that have been put in place to guide the ruling of the monarch, then and only then can a ruler be removed. If the dethroned monarch has an heir that qualifies to rule, they will be crowned. If not, an individual that has reached the age of 25 (you can't be the monarch here until you are 25) and that has studied all the laws, history, leadership ect all the boring but I’m sure necessary things that are required to rule a country, will be selected by the people and the Gerronva and crowned. Now the crown will be passed down through the new monarch’s line. It’s a bit confusing, but hey it has worked for them for hundreds of years. In all of the years Rostova has been a country, only three individuals have been dethroned and only in one of those situations was the new ruler not selected from the former ruler’s family. Since none of the members of the Vorstas qualified for the monarchy by blood, right, or even might and the current monarch was law abiding and loved by the people, they decided they would have to find someone who did qualify and get rid of the king so they could do a little switcheroo. That is where I come into the picture. As the youngest and most moldable member of the royal family, I would be the perfect person for them to use as a puppet to make the changes they desired in Rostova. There were just a few small obstacles in the way of this plan. The first: the entire royal family besides me would need to go for me to be crowned queen. The second: they would have to have access to me in order to brainwash me into doing what they want. The Vorstas came up with this (*cough*) ingenious plan. They would simply assassinate the entire royal family besides myself and in all the confusion kidnap me and take me to America where they would raise me to become their perfect puppet princess. When I reached the age of twenty-five, they would return me to my homeland. Then as the rightful ruler, by law, I would replace whoever was the current ruler. Unfortunately for them they only partially succeeded. They were able to obtain me, but the assassination attempt was a total flop. When I say it was a total flop. . . . I really mean it. They not only failed to kill a single member of the royal family, but all the rebels involved in the assassination attempt were either killed or captured and then killed by their fellow rebels before they could snitch. So, in other words everyone who was involved in the assassination/ kidnapping were all dead. All except for two. The ones that took me, they got away. They in fact got all the way to America with me. I should really explain who "they" are though because the people that took me to America play an important part in this story. The two individuals that took me to America were Nalia and Ivan Zadev. They are a brother and sister pair that are part of the Vorstas. They were both in their early thirties and would have been considered middle class. He was a landscaper and she a cook. He was a tall, wiry looking man with tough leathery skin, browned from his long hours spent in the sun. She was a short, plumpish, pale looking woman with a bit of a nasally voice. Both were brunettes. Ivan was said to have been a very embittered man. It’s not certain whether Nalia shared her brother’s bitter feelings or if she just followed along because they were family. The pair was not considered very high up in the ranks of the rebel faction, but because of their livelihoods, they were the best candidates for the job of kidnapping me. It was their job to become employees in the castle, work there for a while, and during the confusion of the assassination, grab me and escape to America to hide. Of course, there were many other details involved in how they got away with the whole shebang, but mostly they are unknown to this day. When Nalia and Ivan heard that the assassination attempt failed, they panicked. They were already in America with me, and it took them a while to hear the word about the failed assassination because they had to lay low and not communicate for a while after they took me. They tried to reach out to the rebels that were still alive that had not been a part of the assassination attempt, but they had all either given up their rebel ways or gone deep into hiding. No one was willing to help them or join them. The Zadevs knew that they could not go back home because the authorities in Rostova might know their names and their involvement in the kidnapping and would arrest them on sight. The plan had always been for them to stay in America and change their names and appearances, but the other rebels were always supposed to join them. They also did not want to return me because they were afraid that they would get caught doing this and to be honest they really did not care if I got returned or not. I'm not saying they were heartless, more like

. . . panicked and self-absorbed, but regardless they were definitely not going to lose sleep over the fact that I was taken from my family and never returned. Since they wanted me far away from them, they dropped all two and a half feet of the blue eyed, ice-blond haired toddler that was me off at the nearest orphanage in the dead of night with only a note saying, "her name is Kat she is 2 (total lie, I was three)" and then they hid on the opposite side of the country from where they left me. Meanwhile, I was discovered, taken in, and given a snack while they tried to figure out what to do with me. I got my last name from this night. They only had a first name for me, so they gave me the last name "Graham" because the snack they gave me just so happened to be graham crackers. I really appreciate all the thought that went into the name I was supposed to live with for the rest of my life. Anyway, here at this orphanage, is where the life that I remember start


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