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The Diary of a dyslexic non blonde.

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A Wife, a mother, a workaholic, a friend, a stranger, a neighbor a Woman. I'm all these things and more.. so many sides, so many different perspectives. Who really knows anyone. Some days are harder than others having Dyslexia and ADHD on top of everything else.

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PROLOG and Chapter 1


This is based on diary entries, some short some long.

My grammar and spelling will never be perfect I'm dyslexic.

My mind is always on and always going, wanting to do several hundred things at once, constantly in a state of distraction as such.

But never truly selecting one task to complete... Ever.

Everything I do is done on a range scale of crippling fear of disappointing someone or not doing the job I was meant to do, in turn Im never truly satisfied with my actions.

Chapter one:


I'm Shattered.. it's been a long day, my body is aching, my ears are ringing and I still have so much to do... The 20 min drive home from work is the only silence I get, but today I was on auto pilot. Before I know it I was home.

No de-stress from the day, nothing... Damn ..

Smile on as I get out the car, hoping for no moans.

My ears are driving me crazy.. as I pull at my left ear.

The only way to describe the sensation is "A GIANT FAN" the sound of the giant blades hitting a speed that makes the most strange humming sound on and off. Every sound is echod by the giant fan. I'm even more distracted then normal.

Trying to listen to the giant fan and the conversation at the dinner table.

One more thing for my brain to think of at once.

I just would like some peace, my brain to slow and take one task at a time complete it and move to the next.

But no

My typical brain will do all the following at the same time.

*Talk in response to a question, pick up the programme on the TV in the background is it a mystery, no the husband did it, eat and think about the taste and how I had this last week, while smiling, remind myself to ask how everyone's day is, drink, thinking about drinking that iced drink, I need a wee, I'll go later. O my phone is vibrating, eat, no answer the phone. No ask my kids how there day went.

Settling on a train of thought that originally wasn't even in my thoughts to start with. The emotions on my face must betray weirdly to the out side world.

Why does my brain do this..

If anyone truly knew what went off in my head. They would all think I'm crazy..

I'm exhausted...

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