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One kissed changed everything.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Please don’t be me…please don’t be me.” she muttered to herself as she watched the bottle her best friend had just spun continue to spin endlessly. He’d finally convinced her to come out to one of the parties always happening on Friday nights and they wanted to play, drink or get naked. Their own twisted version of truth or dare. One that she hated with a passion. In this game instead of being called a chicken or getting hit, if you didn’t answer the question or do the dare, hell or do both, you had to drink or remove an article of clothing. There were no exceptions and it was something her friends always made very clear.

The friend group consisted of about fourteen people. Ten boys and four girls. It used to be five girls, but she’d decided she wanted nothing to do with the rest of them after a bad breakup with one of the guys. After that debacle, friend dating wasn’t really approved of and highly discouraged, but if someone wanted to take that chance they now understand not to put the rest in the middle. So far no one else wanted to take that chance, which she was glad for. Nevertheless, out of all of her friends that was one that she was closest with. One she would call her best friend, her never ending soulmate.

When those words began to seem tamed for what that person meant to her she came up with a new one. She called it Star-Mates. When asked she simply explained that they were made from the same star dust after it exploded. That the drops of water that helped make them had been pulled from the same body of water only once and then split into two. He needed fire to mold him, while she was molded by the earth. They were just the same with enough difference to make it work. She was his and he was hers and it was something they felt so deeply that no one would ever truly understand.

His name, her Star-Mate, was Zacovian Zachariah Evergreen. His dark mocha colored skin seemed to glow in the low lighting. His gray eyes were sparkling with mischief as he stared at her from across the circle. She rolled her eyes before flipping him off and going back to the spinning bottle that seemed never ending. Somehow she knew what he was thinking. He really wanted her to get drunk tonight and so far she’d been doing everything they asked, but kissing him was where he knew she would draw the line. Finally she would have to take the drink and finish it, but little did he know…kissing him no longer seemed so disturbing and she was determined to stay sober all night.

Finally the bottle began to slow down and it seemed like everyone sucked in a breath at once as it slowly rolled and stopped on her.

“Now this is interesting.” laughed Matt winking at Zac. Everyone was giggling with uncontained laughter as Cassandra just stared at the bottle pointing directly at her. “What’s wrong Cas? Give your Star-Mate the smooch he desires.” he teased as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Or you can finish what’s left in this bottle of tequila.” Zac offered the alternative as her jaw dropped. That bottle wasn’t a little bottle and it was just under half. She’d be vomiting her life source before she was even close to being done. “Or you can just kiss me?” he winked before crawling over to her and getting right in her face. The rest of their friends began to laugh. No one thought she’d really do it. Even he was bold enough to get directly in her face and challenge her as if she was scared. They all should’ve known better than to challenge her, and they probably did, but believed they finally found the one thing she wouldn’t do.

To their surprise, she grabbed him by the front of his shirt, closed her eyes and pulled him until their lips were pressed tightly against each other. She could hear the collective gasp as everyone stopped chanting ‘take the drink’. She had to fight the urge to lean back after wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him on top of her. She had to fight the desire to want more than the simple kiss they were doing, but when she felt his tongue gliding across her bottom lip begging for entrance she moaned and gave in. Her lips were barely parted before his tongue was inside of her mouth, the kiss deepening in front of all of their friends.

As if suddenly realizing what was happening, their eyes flew open and they pulled apart. They were still close enough to kiss again if they wanted to, but they were stuck…frozen in their places trying to read each other’s eyes and gauge the reactions to what just happened.

“Wow.” was all he had been able to say as she nodded in agreement, but they both knew they’d just unlocked the door they swore they would never go in.

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