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Chronicles of a Naughty Witch (Short Story)

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"Oh no, that damn vampire won't fool me again, this year I choose Trick ! I'm not stupid 2 years in a row! " (+18)

Humor / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Finally the most awaited night of the year is coming, at least for me of course. It is the night that I take my pussy out of its miseries, that I remove the cobwebs from it with my naughty, lying, sneaky, hot vampire.

It all started five years ago, at the annual meeting of witches, vampires, ogres, fairies and elves. This is held every year on Halloween night, always in a different place.

This year it is organized by the fairies, so I know, it’s going to be a real drag! Fortunately, I have no intention of setting foot there, my plans are elsewhere!

As I was saying, 5 years ago I was at the annual meeting, which that year was organized by us, witches, in a very nice property, with a huge lake full of mud and a centennial cemetery! Already pissed as a newt, after drinking a whole pot of red fruit sangria, I was leaning against the DJ’s speaker that was blaring some music, almost asleep, when a vampire all dressed in black, 1, 80m tall, with black eyes and half masked, asked me if he could give me a bite.

I, of course, a serious and principled witch, asked him where, and he replied, “between your legs”. Magic words! I immediately accepted! We went to the most appropriate place for this, the estate’s cemetery, which was already packed! It was an authentic bacchanal with Roman style orgies, witches with ogres, vampires with elves, ogres with fairies, vampires with vampires, I don’t know, it was such a mixture that we thought it better to find another place, that one was already too crowded.

We both went in my turbo broom 5000 plus, me with a drunkenness that I shouldn’t even hold a steering wheel and the bastard holding my tits, still distracting me more, but we managed to find a very quiet place and I was managed to land safely, in the “eternal rest” cemetery

We went hand in hand, like 2 boyfriends who met 5 minutes ago, and we found a very quiet granite grave, very old, with only the plaque indicating the name and date of death: Name: Felizberta Manuela da Silva Death: 03/04/1772.

The damn vampire didn’t even introduce himself, he hurried behind me, leaned me against the plaque, lifted my skirts, I usually wear 3 (it’s an old superstition among witches, we should wear an odd number of skirts to get a husband), and put everything inside at once! I gave a scream that woke up Felizberta from eternal sleep! Damn, damn vampire! But it was so good...the bastard knew what he was doing. He sucked ¼ of my blood in the various bites he gave me, but he fucked me all night. That night we spent 1 box of condoms, that’s right, safe sex above all!

When we were really tired, that’s when we ended our night. The damn vampire is like a servicing bull, it’s insatiable.

The problem was riding the broom, I was so sore down there, I had a terrible trip back to the party, only it wasn’t worse because the damn vampire massaged my tits the whole trip.

Of course, in the years that followed I started taking a pillow under my arm for the return trip. The downside was that soon all my friends at the witches’ college realized how useful the pillow was and made fun of me. But can anyone condemn me for that? I only have sex once a year, and that time has to be worth it!

I know what you are thinking, why only once a year? Because here at the school where I study, we are only allowed to go out on Halloween night, and here we are all women, there are no men to comfort us once in a while!

Of course I’m not the only one who shows up here with a new floor the next day, but I’m the only one who needs the pillow to come back, which is actually a good sign.

Last year the damn vampire set me up, he’s always up to something!

So, there we were, the two of us, and Felizberta downstairs, in the hanky-panky, me in the usual position, leaning over Felizberta’s plaque, because my male doesn’t like to innovate, and he giving me a hard on from behind. Until then everything was normal, except that he kept talking about how many chocolates he had eaten, how many jelly beans and candies he had stolen from some children when he came to our date, how wonderful day it was being, how good our fucking was, how tight I was, how lucky he was.

Wait a whole year for this shit?

In silent, he was a poet!

At one point he asked me, trick or treat? I, of course, after hearing that he stole some jelly beans and candies on his way to our date, immediately thought he had some for me, I chose treat of course! Isn’t it that the big animal comes out of me, pulls me by the hair so that I kneel down, and orders me to open my mouth? I stupidly still kept thinking about the jelly beans and candies, even though I thought the timing was inappropriate, I thought he was going to give me some jelly beans, just like that, in a sexy way in my mouth, so I opened it with a big smile. The son of a bitch shoved his cock all the way inside my mouth, while pushing my head to swallow more and more of his entire member. Me, there, all choked up, with tears in my eyes, and the neck-sucker yelling “chocolate milkkkkkk!” as he pumped it all down my throat.

Big son of a bitch!

This year I’m going prepared, I won’t fall for it again, this year I choose trick !

Today, Halloween eve is a busy day at the college with all the girls getting ready for their annual meeting, which apparently is going to be in a flowery valley with streams, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies and other shit that nobody cares about. Fairies are very boring!

I have to take care of this little body that hasn’t seen a waxing in exactly 1 year. I carry my kit of products needed for the whole process: scissors, shaving foam and razor blades, yes, because the case is severe.

I barricaded myself in the bathroom of my dorm and I put a handwritten paper on the door that said: ” In preparation for Halloween, please do not disturb.” As a general rule, there was a mutual respect among the girls on these occasions.

Unfortunately we had no bathtub to have a bath, just a shower, but it wasn’t bad. I took off my clothes and got into the shower. First step, soak the hairs with plenty of warm water, to soak them. The armpit hair was hideous, but the razor blade was new and it cut well, then the legs followed. Damn, the hairs look like they were seeded and fertilized, they have a size of 5cm, but again, the razor blade solved the issue, and the legs were really smooth and soft. Last, and the scariest and most delicate job, the pussy! I started by giving it a cut with the scissors to ease the work of the poor razor blade, then I put a very generous dose of foam and started to shave the Amazon forest. Some time later and 3 razor blades that needed to be replaced, it was finally done! I didn’t even recognize it, so neat and tidy, it’s going to the party, you’ll see!

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