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The Meeting

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THE MEETING In a busy crowded city in Singapore lives a young girl living in her 20's. She never really came out of her comfort zone and wanted to live an ordinary life. A 8hr job in an company , dinner with mom and going back to sleep was her daily schedule! But little did she knew that one meeting could flip her life completely and change her dull life. She isn't aware of the surprises awaiting for her as her life unfolds . This is a Rom-Com and a must read!!!! It will forever change the definition of LOVE !

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

<Chapter 1>

NOOOOOOO, Not again!!!! I am late for work and i forgot my car keys at my desk in my office.UGH ! why does this always happen to me .Why god whyyyy!!!!! HMMM, Now what should i do ! What a great way to start my day !!!!

Hey readers!!! I am Elizabeth ! I am the author who will be continuing the story!!! First time meeting the author, interesting isn't it! .... I don’t think this really happens in a story but .....ya know , i wanted to make it unique.So this clumsy-ass yet drop dead gorgeous person which you have read in the above para’s name is Selena.

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