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Are you ready to throw your phone away. I dare you to keep a straight face

Humor / Drama
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1st A man and his love

" Sister Anny, I love you. Please marry me!" John proposed.

" No" was the reply he got.

" Why not? We've got a good thing going here don't we?" John exclaimed.

" And if you don't want that good thing to end, please get out of my house!" the sister responded furiously.

" I can't, I'll die. " John said.

" How is going back home going to kill you?" asked sister Anny.

" Because you have my heart!" replied John with his hands to his chest.

Sister Anny was so ticked off, that she almost hit him midway his little facade. Whilst holding herself back. She slowly closed the glass door and locked it from inside.

" My, I almost slammed the door on him. Better be careful " said Sister Anny as she went to her bed room.

" Sister Anny!!! Sister Anny please, I'm sorry okay. I won't do it again!!! Please open the door, let me see your face just one more time so I can leave. Please!!" John kept shouting at the door. "Please!!"

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