The Turkish Loser

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Some chapters of this book might be a bit on the lengthy side. One of the common things that bind all human beings together, apart from our hopefully inherent need to do some good in this world, is the sense of accomplishment we all feel when we finish a chapter in a book.

Apart from letting us into universes far different from our own, expanding and opening our minds while imparting thousands of years of wisdom on us and all of that other crap, reading a book basically gives us five to ten experience points on the Cultural Credibility section of our character sheet. Yes, that was a Dungeons & Dragons reference. Reading an entire non-fiction book or a novel is enough of a chore in order to maintain our social relevance.

The author or the publisher mercifully puts chapters in a book in order to give you hope and motivation. The end of a chapter lets you know that you’re getting that much closer to completion and that makes you feel good.

There’s nothing better in this world than flipping the page over and finding out that the next page only contains a line or two of text before the end of the chapter. Actually, there is something better: Looking at the following page and finding out that it only contains the number and the name of the next chapter in big, bold, blocky letters. Two almost blank pages on the house!? What a treat!

Therefore I felt bad from the thought of you becoming more and more frustrated at all of these endless pages of text you had to slog through and wanted to provide a sort of public service by writing a relatively short chapter. You’re welcome.

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