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Inner thoughts

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How do you feel while criticizing yourself for all the mistakes you have made?

Humor / Children
Jacquelyn Liven
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Friendship's judgement

-They say true friendship should not be affected by distance or long time no see.

-Yes, and your friendship with Rose did not change even after you grew so distant.

-Didn't change? What do you mean didn't change? Three years ago when she fake cried in front of her mother telling I shouted at her was nothing? How she didn't say that the mattar was already solved was nothing? Then one day after another year when she told me that I had many attempts in breaking our friendship and it's her God gift of forgiveness that our friendship was still alive when it has always been the reverse that's nothing? She- she betrayed me.

-But dear, you are the one who shut her since she said that.

-Why shouldn't I? She always looked down upon me because of my low general knowledge about things students hardly care about. Tell me, I didn't have spare money to buy extra books nor did my parents have a lot of knowledge to discuss facts with me. She was the one who had it all. Is that my fault?

-Of course it's your fault darling. That is what I said at first. After all she had done to you you still cried over her next two years. You are a very good girl.

-I don't see where the fault is.

-You have always felt she looks down upon you and you still wanted her as a friend. Hey- are you crying again?

-Ye- yes I am. What else can I do? I trusted her blindly and I blamed her. Aunty said she had cried when I didn't talk to her about changing schools.

-You remember you met her once a few days ago and talked things up?

-Yes I know. I successfully brought up the topic and we talked for a long time and cleared our grudges.

-Then why are you still crying?

-I- I am a stupid and selfish girl. She did not fake cry three years ago. She was just hurt because her best friend shouted at her. On our last meeting we even promised to never let such stupid things ruin our friendship. It was not her fault when she mentioned my lack of knowledge. She just talked about it and I took it personally. I am such an ungrateful selfish girl.

-No you aren't. Remember you told her that when argument happens it's both the person's fault. And both of them forgive each other. She forgave you and you forgave her. It's none of yours whole credit. And remember she agreed with you? Think clearly. She had hurt you too. Fault was both of yours and both of you corrected it. Everybody makes mistakes and learn from it. In your case it's solved.

-Yeah. Both of us are good girls aren't we?

-Sure you are darling.

-But then here's Lina.

-Yes, what's about her?

-She, has been a perfect best friend in last two years. And now when there are more children at tution our schedule was changed. Now I hardly get to see her and about getting time alone, it's just a mere memory.

-Are you jealous?

-Yes I am. Time snatched her away. What if our friendship weakens for this?

-It won't if it's true.

-That is what I am afraid of. Is none of this two friendships true?

-I don't guess it's like that.

-What if like... I don't get it because I don't deserve it? What if I am really an ungrateful and selfish person?

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