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The Sea Of Possibilities

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Peasant Crafted Productions. Seeking a universal elixir through learned word alchemy. An excerpt from "Turned Out" A new book coming soon!

Humor / Poetry
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Turned Out (Sample Reading)

The Sea Of Possibilities

What rights as a human do you have without a Nation of other people to enforce them?

The root of money runs deep here. A purposeful system.

We outgrew building dynastical families. You can’t control everybody’s self image. Not enough WIIFM to go around.

I often imagine what I would be getting into if I made a deal with Love for a position as a God. Why can’t we be like God, made in his image?

Would I get to be an Amoeba? A single-celled animal that catches food and moves about by extending fingerlike projections of protoplasm. Would I start there and be responsible to manifest all the programming required to evolve into a human or some other form of creature I might come to imagine? To win a whole planet and get a rib?

How lucky are we as humans? How awry could evolution get? Did I achieve this body or was it a gift?

Based on just the culmination of all our imaginations in the public square, we have a myriad of possibilities for the shape and form of various creatures that might come to exist. If there is not a check on what can be manifest. I might find fear exists. Continuing down the eternal road exasperated. Not wicked.

I believe I will come to what purpose my life was for. I have formed many thoughts and ideas, but it’s the revelation I’m waiting on.

The measure of faith in me is enduring to the end with my bearings intact about Love.

Ultimately, I believe or think most often that anything is truly possible. This was just preparation for a new life ahead of me. Dispatched back into the sea of possibilities.

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