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“The content of my books will end senseless protest by leaders all across the nation and the world, if translated and not transliterated like an exegesis. A release of angst occurs while you read crafted words carved with nails while an invisible hand with a feather tickles you. in indiscrete places.”

Humor / Poetry
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"Turned Out" (Sample Reading)


We all vent. Angst and anger boils deep within from the sense of love being infringed. The difference between human creatures’ threshold for the need to vent this form of anger has been portrayed in movies.

Some creatures in human form can derive pleasure from the very violence that would cause another human creature to uncontrollably vent this form of righteous anger. That sense of love being infringed is Mother Nature taking over. Like the Hulk dominates David Banner.

If God is the Father and that’s Mother nature… you can do the equation. Where is Jesus?


From VBS we derive and equate VET.

Apparently, I was recruited to compete to be one of Gods’ Christian Soldiers or take a deal with the devil, sent to this planet in 1969.

I was a Royal Ranger, Member of the Boy’s Club and carried on to be a member of the Y.M.C.A.

I defected to the enemy and eventually found work freelancing for a Higher Love.

There is no If/than then this or that. We don’t walk around in a daze thinking anyone owes something, even obedience. We just want to build something real for all of us and can see through the veil here. There’s a rip and tear right there, you can’t miss it.

Your obligation is to be you, as you were created by Love for a higher power potential. You can alter that for a good chunk of eternity. If you follow me over to the side of the cliff. What do you see below you? Would you jump off this cliff, if you were able to believe you wouldn’t fall?

What if the odds were calculable? What if there was a slight chance you could be the one to rake a pot, if you can get it put together? The birth of Capitalism, off planet. Which led to the birth of the Marketing Strategy Industry.

The MSI of the future has set its mission to sell ice to eskimos through government contracts, provide cause for competition to produce more entertaining advertisements and form a more better union of politicians and the religiously devout and generally excitable, but somewhat doved non-religious people; all called citizens. The jews and the gentiles of old are laughing about it, that’s the secret information.

Is it any wonder… Many of those caught in the middle, are willing to die to get off the planet if they feel they can’t change what’s wrong with it. Or worse, fall in line and develop a thread of angst in the bloodline.

How does the Spirit evolve? Now that you’ve mastered the flesh now. Is the root of all evil still waiting? What’s next? Can you sing and dance in the flesh? Can you ride the rail, blindfolded? What if God takes a rib out?

Excerpt from my next book in production "Turned Out".

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