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Available in The Kindle Unlimited Library for free with your subscription! New Book "Turned Out" by Aaron Tarpley Available Now. "A Fast Read That Makes You Think, Gasp & Giggle!"

Humor / Poetry
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"Turned Out" (Sample Reading)

Available in The Kindle Unlimited Library for free with your subscription!

New Book “Turned Out” by Aaron Tarpley Available Now.

“A Fast Read That Makes You Think, Gasp & Giggle!”

Sample Reading





past tense: emboldened past participle: emboldened

give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way.: ”emboldened by robust passenger traffic, the airlines put through major fare increases”.synonyms: give courage, make brave/braver, encourage, hearten, strengthen, fortify, stiffen the resolve of, lift the morale of, rouse, stir, stimulate, cheer, rally, give confidence, brace, fire, inflame, animate, motivate, invigorate, vitalize, buck up, inspiritantonyms: dishearten, discourage

cause (a piece of text) to appear in a bold typeface.: “center, embolden, and underline the heading”.

It’s like the effect of edification. “The instruction emboldened me.”

That’s what I’m after. The fire of life. If only I could stabilize sooner in life, as we evolve through these eternal lives. Find my footing in this environment and get my share of dreaming before the candle burns out, running out of wax for life.

I’m on the backend of the revolution. Emboldened, at peace, and still frustrated with muck and mire. Still burning. But sense the end of this project is coming nearer.

There’s no viable economic opportunities on Earth to have faith in at this point. With so much debt trickling up. I don’t even play the $1 lottery, for a sense of hope in money saving the day.

I’m glad for any good in the economic system for this generation that my generation’s bitching and moaning might have produced. Your welcome for the pushback, from how it was. Unfortunately, that’s not the only force bending the system to its will. The original sin still exists.

The ebb and flow of civil social progress moves like the plates in the Earth crust, near the mantle at the point of the fault. Change comes slowly until it comes. Creating a mess.

As money becomes scarcer, harder to generate enough, for most of us, what will happen?

What’s the scale they’re wrestling to maintain?

Create an environment for the reality we all share and nature will enforce the bumper guards.

We created all this chasing dollars since they were invented. It emboldened many people to do stuff, build stuff, discover, invent and produce stuff. Want to learn to do those things… become like gods. Be blessed by God over you. Would we have done all those things and maybe more if we had not corrupted the Word? We use to describe Love.

Confusing, with purposeful deception, the people who emboldened God, for the love of money.

I think it is Cain in the story. Still weighing and measuring. Behind the scenes, cunningly. Feeling emboldened by longevity. We’ll all see. A house of cards always falls.

I think I got the runt of the pack. I never felt emboldened of my own power. I got something else handed down. Just as valuable.

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