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Yokotoa Usagi

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Yokotoa Usagi is a story of a young rabbit who is heavily impacted by the dangers of the world she lives in. Come read this story and follow along Yoko discovering and learning the way the world connects every individual. Yoko will learn how to cope the death of her older sister and how to protect herself.

Mystery / Fantasy
Madison Mckee
Age Rating:

Chapter 1-

I screwed up. If only I wasn't so naive, and paid close attention to what my mother lectured.

“Now be very cautious Yoko, and don't stay out too late. You do remember the incident with

Rika, don't you.” She warned me. Now I'm running for my life.

“I wish people wouldn’t pity me like some defenseless animal! Rika was a dirty slut anyways, a sex worker. Of course she was devoured. Everyone knows that industry isn't made for herbivores. How could she be so careless anyways? She was the first rabbit stripper in sabae. I don't even call her my sister anymore. She got what she deserved, and I've been cursed with her poor foolish actions. ” I whined, throwing a small stone towards the ground in frustration. I continued walking in the dim light towards the sun across the cold pavement, my cream colored heels tapping away below me, tinted by the orange yellow hue in the air. The light breeze smelt sweet and my small white dress danced as it lightly brushed against me. Along the other side of the road I saw the coffee shop, a cozy wooden building, lit by warm lights that spread out, illuminating the street. Through the gold tinted windows I spotted other animals sitting around wooden tables and sipping at carefully brewed teas and coffee. The sun was almost setting, but I couldn’t help but get a new book from the nearby library.

“I'll be quick. My mother is just paranoid. Besides, the world is not as dangerous as it used to be.” I reassured myself. Finally I reached the library, the bell rang as I pushed open the heavy doors, stepping into the warm building. The library had bookshelves lining every wall, from floor to ceiling. Every book had its own story, its own history, and its own font. As the door shut behind me the silence filled the space around me. The only thing to be heard was the faint sound of pages turning, and whispering echoing into the void of story’s, waiting patiently to be read. I took in a deep breath, inhaling the sweet smell of unturned pages. I made myself to a bookshelf pushed far back into the library labeled psychology. I picked up a newer book that looked more polished than the rest. Carnivore VS Pray. I found myself getting lost in the pages, but couldn't help but let myself dive deeper into the book.

“Yoko?” And deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.

“The world is divided into two types, weak and strong. But what makes someone strong?” deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.


“Is it their claws, or teeth? Well why not their ability to stand out, or be the best person they can be? I believe everyone is strong in their own way. As a community we should fight against these labels and make our own. We may all be physically different, but we each have our own strengths.”

“Yoko!” I'm suddenly ripped out of the pages and collapse onto the ground, dropping the book from my hand. A familiar fuzzy yellow hand reaches out to help me up. I reached back out a little dazed.

“You okay Yoko?” I look up towards the unknown voice, as the warm hand brushes against mine pulling me off the floor and onto my feet.

“Tadeo! I thought that was you!” Tadeo is a humble golden retriever. Normally I'd avoid canines, but golden retrievers are known for their gentle and kind hearts. Especially Tadeo. You can tell he means no harm by his soft inviting yellow coat, and his gentle brown eyes. The book was right: what makes someone prey or predator? Tadeo has fangs and claws, but he'd never hurt a fly, in fact I'm more scared of most rabbits than I am of him. Tadeo bends down to talk to me, picking up the book and handing it to me.

“Here you go,” He says with a gentle smile, as I reach back for the book.

“It's pretty late for you to be out, don't you think?” He asks this question as if he's in charge of me. He may be a good dog, but no one is perfect. Carnivores think they're so damn entitled.

“Hmph! And who do you think you are asking a lady what she is doing out? Now is that any of your business? How would you feel if I asked you what you were doing talking to a rabbit, that would be very polite of me would it?” I whisper shout to him, gritting my teeth.

“OH- no no no, im very sorry how rude of me. I'm concerned with your safety, that's all.” He reassures nervously jumping up and scratching the back of his neck in discomfort.

“I suppose I'll forgive you.” His body relaxes and his tone reaches the gentle level it normally is.

“Let me take you out for coffee?” Where I live it's shameful for carnivores to speak to herbivores. I know Tadeo doesn't mind though, he doesn't really care for what people think, I admire him for that.

“Okay, but let me check this book out.”

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