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The Hurdles in Life

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This story is about a boy named Devansh who wants to help his father in business, but comes across a few hurdles on the way to success and meets a new person who helps him in crossing the obstacles. It is basically a short story, broken up into a few chapters.

Mystery / Drama
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Save... Save...

A scratch, A hallway, Twins

It was a dark, moonless night. The clock struck 1 and there was only the tolling of the bells. On Street 11 of Mathura Nagar, a silhouette of a person was visible to an old lady, who woke up to the bell toll. As the person approached, she grabbed her torch and turned it on. The beams of light revealed a young man. He had monolid eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. He had a long scratch on his neck, as from a thorn. He approached the woman and in a low voice uttered “Help” and timed out. The old woman, confused, took him into her house. As soon as she closed the door, she heard footsteps. Running. Someone was being chased. Could they be searching for this young man? If so, should I help him? He could be anyone; a rich man, a fugitive, even a gangster. What should I do now?

The old woman was unable to decide what to do with the man. Nevertheless, she decided to be kind to him. She sprinkled a few drops of water on his face. The man started coming around. He slowly opened his eyes and began to mumble “the hallway... danger... save… save… ” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Anyone in the house?” The voice was deep and scary. The old woman began to tremble. She couldn’t understand what to do. She hurriedly lifted the man and walked him towards her kitchen and said “Stay here” She paced towards the door and opened it to find a grumpy man in a tuxedo. He had a bluetooth speaker in his ear. The woman deduced that he was someone’s bodyguard. She, pretending to stay calm, asked “Who are you? What do you want?” The bodyguard, without an expression, said “A young man in a black shirt and black pants was seen on this street. Where did he go?” The old woman, trying not to look tense, answered “It is nearly 1:15 at night. How am I supposed to know all the meanderers passing by at this point of time?” She tried hard to maintain a tone of anger. The bodyguard, handing a visiting card to her, said “If you see the person matching the description, call at this number. He is important.” She took the card and immediately slammed the door shut. She placed the card on the dining table and walked into the kitchen to find the young man still mumbling some words. She leaned towards him and heard “danger… twins…” She couldn’t understand anything. She got him a glass of water to drink. After that, he felt a bit better and started to narrate what happened.

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