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The Love Of A Murderer

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The story is about a young man named Amir, who became a lawyer at a very surprising age. Suddenly, people around him started to disappear more, his friends started getting suspicious, will he make it out alive?

Mystery / Romance
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The First Body

It all started when I had my first heart-break. She was a gold digger, a deceiver, a lover. She was perfect in every way, to me. Everyone warned me that she was two-faced and only loved me for my money. Hell, it was funny to see her dead. Karma served her right.. But our relationship was the talk of the school. I was 17 and had my own business already. Charles and co. “We’ll serve you right”. Yes, a law firm, named after my father. But besides that, that’s important later on. Her name was Telila, she was also 17. She was kind of popular but was hated of course, I was also popular but not as much. She had asked me out in the courtyard in front of many others, including my friends who I bragged to constantly.

She flicked her hair as her dress flowed in the wind.. Winked and asked, “Would you be my boyfriend, Mr. Prosecutor?” God.. I was so giddish. I smiled and agreed of course. Who wouldn’t?

My friend Stephanie from childhood said, “That girl is way too two-faced, and you know this! Why you agree?”

I then said, “Well you haven’t dated her–″

She butts in quickly, “But Dashawn has! And he got cheated on. Plus, she a gold digger.” Her ghetto tone came out, god I loved it. It was always funny with how she pronounced things. There would be derr and her would be huh or ha. It was cute.

Not long after that, Telila cheated on me, twice. I caught her too. Well not twice, more like with two dudes at the same time.. I stumbled upon her with my friend mentioned earlier, Dashawn. He was way too happy about it. “See! I told you she cheats! Look at the trick!” He nudged me with his elbow and I just stood there. I didn’t cry or anything, nothing dramatic.

I said, “This is one hell of a way to break up with me.” and left. The whole school found out literally the next day. Telila became less popular, she was really bullied and I gained some more popularity. I had to recoup and get myself together because I was still affected by it. My emotions were really delayed so I cried a few days later. Then it hit me, I should go see her one last time. I should make it seem like I’m the victim, as to who I am. I showed up at her class and called for her. “Look, I’m sorry I probably wasn’t the best boyfriend, even though I tried. Could you come with me? I’d like to talk in private..” She teared up and started crying, but she agreed. After that, I never saw her again.. Alive that is. I saw it on the news a week later that she was dead. Her body was dismembered and a teacher had the unfortunate luck of finding her. Oh damn.. I thought, What unfortunate karma…. It was funny for some reason… So I laughed.

When I went to school everyone came to me asking what I talked about with her that day because no one saw her after that. I said that I was apologizing for not being the best boyfriend, yada yada. Dashawn though.. He looked scared. He didn’t talk to me at all. I guess it’s because there was an investigation and I was the last one seen with her. Although, there were some suspects other than me. The people who severely bullied her, Kris and Joanna.

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