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Pretty Girls

By Cyan1deSm1le All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Mystery


Sage and Juliette are best friends. Ever since New Years Eve four years ago they've been inseparable. The 'Power Pair' as their school calls them. But Sage begins to act strange, telling Juliette not to tell anyone their secret. Their secret that made them best friends. Now Sage is dead and Juliette has no idea why. The police refuse the help and label it as suicide, but Juliette knows better. Juliette knows it's a clue and she is going to find out what it leads to. Because if she doesn't their secret will be making headlines.

Chapter 1

“Sage...this is wrong, if we get caught-”

"If we get caught, Julie.”

“I don’t think I can do this, Sage. Can’t we just go home and do something else?”

“Look, Julie, if you want to ditch me here, halfway through our plan, then fine. Go home or you’ll ruin the mood.” Sage murmured then climbed down the rest of the school fence, jumped down and ran to meet the other kids that were standing on the field. She never once looked back to the tearing up Juliette.

But Julie had a bad feeling about this, and she was right, since that was the last time Sage was seen alive.

Juliette’s POV

The image circulated quickly. That’s what the web does. It buries the good and pushes the bad things to the surface, like a disease. I suppose that’s why it’s called ‘going viral’.

That’s just what Sage’s body is doing right now. Her bloated and blue body had risen stiffly in the water. Everyone in our school had gotten the picture, everyone had seen her dead body and everyone suspects me.

It’s no secret that Sage and I had a fight the day she went missing, a week had passed since then and the entire town knows we tried to sneak into the school on Saturday afternoon.

The police had come by Sunday, saying Sage had gone missing, she never came home last night and her parents hadn’t heard from her. I told them all I knew, but that didn’t stop them from suspecting me. I think I was (and still am) the biggest suspect, save for her boyfriend, who I never met while she was alive.

Tuesday morning and the school is abuzz with the gossip about Sage. How did she die? (Obviously water-related) Who did it? Is she actually dead? Things like that. She always did know how to stay in the limelight...

Our school is a buffet of brains for zombies when it comes to gossip. Sage and myself (Mostly Sage, though) were the ones most talked about.

Walking around the school, it feels as if I’m the buffet of brains. Everyone’s eyes are on me- and not in a good way.

Nobody talks to me either, not even Marco from chemistry bothers to ask me how I am.

I’m suddenly realising that without Sage, I have no friends. We might have been the ‘Power Pair’, but we certainly didn’t act like the schools Best friends pair. In fact, I don’t ever remember Sage being nice to anyone else, besides me, of course.

The rest of the day carries on as per usual- not. Sage and I would usually hide out in the janitor’s closet in math (Whenever Sage actually showed up to school) then get our free food from the lunch lady (Sage once did her a favour, despite never telling me what it is she did) and by the end of the day we would skip out on the last period.

Odd enough as it is having a full day of school felt good. Next week is her funeral. I hope it’s not an open casket service. I don’t think I can stomach looking at her lifeless face, knowing that the last time I did we were fighting.

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