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The Act of Vengeance

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Second volume of "What if... The series" - Venomous assumption is a quicksand - Neera Abhisree When Anusree decided to become a lawyer, she never thought she would be the defense lawyer of Aditya, whom she loved back then. When the famous singer, Aditya married Roshni, he never thought he would end up being the prime suspect of his wife's death case. "How can I defend someone who rejected me 12 years ago?" Anu thought. "How can I trust someone whom I rejected 12 years ago?" Aditya thought. Did they find the answers for their questions? Get to know the thrilling and beautiful journey of Anusree and Aditya by reading "The Act of Vengeance" which is the second volume of "What if... The series" Hope you enjoy reading it! ©️ NeeraAbhisree

Mystery / Action
Neera Abhisree
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"What if... The series: The Act of Vengeance" - Venomous assumption is a quicksand @Neera Abhisree

Definitely not a standalone!

A sequel of "The case of unrequited love"

Grab some popcorn if you like to munch. Get a blanket if you like it cozy. Set a soothing playlist if you love music. And finally, turn off the lights if you don't want people to see you cry.

"The Act of Vengeance" is out now!

So here we are, the second volume of "What if... the series".

A quick summary:

Life never feels real till a pistol is pointed right in the middle of the forehead and till a broken heart is crushed even more.

Things are different when it is done with the assistance of loved ones, isn't it?

They had the 'Forever' option with them… Only if he could get her back and only if she could let go of the bitter past.

What happens when the same person who rejected you falls in love with you? What happens when you find yourself drowning in the ocean of love after moving on from him?

I, the author of "The Act of Vengeance", assure you that you won't regret reading the story the way Anu does for loving him and the way Aditya does for losing her!

Hope you enjoy reading it!

One chapter a day will be published @9:45 p.m

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