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Case #605

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A short one page story. You called the police to report a disappearance but they seem to have believed you were the cause. This story depicts one night of questioning. But from the perspective of an interesting lieutenant.

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A Regular Interrogation

“I assure you that I am not a fool. Believe me I am not! As soon as my colleague ran towards the warehouse door they just disappeared!” Lunatic the street lights went out and it was a new moon. How would you know that? “I saw it clearly! I didn’t even hear a single thud!” Perhaps it was because you were wearing headphones that night. “There must be someone framing me, it doesn't make sense.”

“Alright nuff out of ya.” The officer shut him up “I swear to god if I have to hear this man rambling on and on and on again I’m out.” The officer stormed out of the room. He walked up to me, looking in the interrogation room. “Boss, could someone else take my spot? This maniac is makin’ me go nuts.” You looked at me through the glass. You had the shaggiest hair I’ve seen in a long time. And your eyes looked as if they would pass out anytime. “Go ahead, Officer Free.”

“Oh thank god. You have no idea how dead I wanted to be just staying there. I owe you one, Lieutenant!” Tell me about it. The officer finally left rather quickly.

When I looked back you were still staring at me. It almost seemed like you were trying some sort of psychological warfare tactic. But you knew I would win that. I looked around to check if anyone was there. It was late at night so there weren’t a lot of people around. Not in this section of the building at least. I can hear you start complaining through the glass. “I’m waiting.” You yell in frustration believing you were left in the room with me stalking you outside. Might as well.

I walk into the room. “Finally," you groaned "Now listen.” your voice firms up “If you guys aren’t gonna believe me at least let me go home.”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

“Why not? I did nothing!”

“We can’t confirm that.”

“I didn’t do anything! Look, you can keep watch over me. I won’t do anything alright?”

I pondered it for a moment. You seem quite desperate but as far as I know you have no one to wait for you. But the atmosphere of the room can get people anxious. That’s the point of the room. “Fine.” you sigh in relief. It’s almost as if the room was weighing you down. “Oh thank you so much sir I wouldn’t know how to make it up to you!” Just be alive and keep desperately proclaiming your innocence.

“No problem.”

You walk to the room the officers left your stuff in. As I follow I notice that this is also the evidence room.

... Not now.

After you pack you waved at me and left the building.

I wait outside the evidence room watching the cameras. It was so quiet you could hear it. Click…. click…..click….. The light of the camera shuts down and the clicking stops. I grab the trash bag in the trash bin outside and start looking. Case 576….. Case 589…. Aha! There it is, Case 605. I open the locker and grab a few of them and drag the evidence into the bag.

Walking outside of the building, I put the bag in the dumpster and hid behind a wall nearby. Lights emitting from a vehicle appear. A dumpster truck picks up everything in the dumpster and leaves. Never to be seen again.

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