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The Gray Yard

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After 6 years of her beloved father's passing, Adelita tries to move on with her life and start a whole new chapter. But something was pulling her back, something deep down within was stuck behind. Defeated by the urge and her self, Adelita goes to face the past and to follow the voices inside her head.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

As she opened the door to the house, she stopped for a while and turned arround with a big smile on her face, as if someone called to her, someone dear to her heart. No one was there, her smile faded away as she turned back and entered the room.

The empty room was a welcome respite from the chaos and noises of her everyday life. As she sat down, she realized that she had no idea what to write about. She had never really thought about writing before, after all she is a musician not a writer, but now that the idea had entered her head, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The young woman grabbed a small notebook and a pen from her backpack, and as she was about to start writing whatever nonsense her artistic mind was telling her, she glimpsed an old mirror on the far left corner of the room.

“... Ah, this old thing is still here ? ” she said beneath her breath.

She put down her notebook and pen on a small table beside her and went towards the thing, the mirror was dusty and old, it’s lustre gone, and it was cracked and faded. Startling at the image that stared back at her, the young woman was certain that the person facing her wasn’t her own self.

She had always been self-conscious of her appearance and now that she saw her unadorned face, she felt even more self-conscious. The skin was pale and seemed to lack any sort of definition. The eyes were large and seemed to be staring at something far away. The lips were thin and seemed to be pulled into a perpetual frown. And her short noisette hair made her look more like a teenage boy than a young woman in her 20s .

As she was lost looking into the features of this stranger that was facing her, she saw a letter at the bottom of the mirror’s frame. Confused, she picked it up and started wondering. it was clear that this letter was recently put here, since no dust was on it. but from whom ?

The young woman opened the letter up, and started to read.

" Dear Adelita,

I know i’ve been absent from your life for the last 5 years and i wasn’t a good old brother or protector, but you have to read this and believe me. i searched and asked about you everywhere to talk, but i couldn’t find you, so i came here, to that old house our father left us before he died, knowing that you will comeback one day. Father was right about the gray yards, it’s not a tale or a legend, he didin’t lose his mind, and he didn’t leave us for himself , but in order to protect us. i know that deep down in your heart you believe him and that you suffered alot from it just like me. but we need to end this matter once and for all, for him and for everyone involved.

So, whenever you lay your hands on this letter and i hope you do, call me, my number is written on the back.

Your dear brother, Adam. ”

Adelita took a deep breath and then smiled.

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