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Black Rosary

By Daryen Morris All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Other

Prologue: The Story Behind the Rosary

Once back in 1600 in the small town of London, a young Girl and her lover were walking the streets at night. It was to far down the alley there was a gang of bandits. The young couple were making there way down the alley way when the bandits spotted them. The bandits decided to take the couple down and steal their items. However the girls lover decided that he was going to act tough and fight back. Which he did. He fought them the best he could but was killed by the small group of bandits.

The girl was taken captive and taken to the bandits headquarters. When they got there the took the girl to their master who was a master in witchery.

“Master....we killed her lover but brought her as promised.” The lead bandit said to the long dark haired male sitting on his chair in his office.

“Leave her here in my sight and close the door.” The man told the lead bandit.

“Yes master.” The bandits did as the were told and left.

Shortly after they left, the man and the girl sat in the office. “One word girl and so help me I will trap you in this rosary.” He said as he began writing a small letter.

“You should of had me just killed....” said the girl....“you took everything I had left.....”

With that being said the man stood and walked over to the girl place the rosary to here neck as he spoke a language she had not yet heard of. “One day young foolish girl...you will learn...until then you are trapped with in this black Rosary.”

As he said that her both collapsed and her spirit got stuck in the rosary. The guy took the rosary and stuck it in a box and sent it as a gift to the high priest of the nearest Catholic church, the church of England, with a letter.

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