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The Storybook Murders

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Prolouge On Nov./14/21 my girlfriend was beheaded in the same scenario as the main character in her new novel The Graveyard Murders. after a year of grieving and extensive personal research with a PI we found out my girlfriend had hired and already paid for with the success of her new novel for a hit on herself and others so she predicted her and the others murder my character being next so today im meeting with my PI to find out if he has found anything on the hitmen and where the case is going next

Mystery / Romance
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PI Piscatelli


I just got out of the shower and got dressed and im doing my make-up on the way to my PI's office his name is Daniel Piscatelli, But I feel like im being watched so I'm on the phone with him now and he said to just keep an eye out for anything or anyone out of place.

Now im walking out of my house grabbing my keys, purse, phone and jacket when I hear a noise. I whip myself around, as i glare around the room for what it was and it was just whinnie the cat. I've been so jumpy the past few days. It's like"Can this get any worse?" It can, it definitely can. I drive to his office at 1201 N Bradley Ave. when i notice a blue Toyota Camry 2001. the license plate number is 12TUTU

Odd but I drive past feeling seen, like there was something to remember about it but i couldn't tell what. It was driving me crazy while Dan called me wondering where I was, I was five minutes away stuck by a train but the train made the wait abt 15 minutes

When I got to Dan's office,he seemed ancy so I asked him what he found he said there was a blue Toyota Camry 2001 license plante number 12TUTU and it registered to a Mr. Todd Stetson who is the man in the pay logs to my late girlfriend and was the one believed to be behind theses murders we just needed our concrete evidence. I told him that I saw the car on the way there and was immediately ordered to 24/7 surveillance and now have two gaurds at each foor for my safety. which is exactly what I want is to be watched at all times. They say its for my safety but its not, they don't give a shit about me its so they feel like they helped someone so they can sleep at night because otherwise the other side of their job seems to wrack them with some faulty form of guilt.

I get home and set my bag, keys and phone on the counter top so i can hang my jacket on the coat rack. when i turn back around theres a peice of folded up paper addressed to kenya that had not been there before so i picked it up, unfolded ot and began reading

To whom it may concern,

If your reading this your either kenya shaw or her Private investigator Daniel Piscatelli, see ive done my research too...... my heart dropped at what i read next. i didn't even bother to read the rest on my own i immediately called Dan and have him meet me back at his office. at this moment i realized three key thing to keep in mind

1). anyone can access my home at any time no matter how much security they give me

2). not only am i in danger but so are my loved ones and my investigator

3). there are more than one person behind this


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