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Seraphina is not a normal girl. She only knew that, in her eyes, nothing would be different even if she changed, and neither could she get the world off her back.

Mystery / Action
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Since kindergarten, Seraphina has been the star in everyone’s eyes. She remembered the first time she stepped into a mortal kindergarten, all the kids-no matter the sex-all began staring at her life she was some kind of monster. Ago, she had been naive and ignorant. She thought all the staring was because she was the new kid. Yet their eyes was on her, following her everywhere she goes, and it was beginning to get quite queer. She had asked her ophanage maid, but she neither, had any idea. It was soon that she found out she was different. Entirely different. No matter the species, the personality, the strength, the mind, the way the world projects things to her. She hadn’t thought anything like it. She knew she was a different species, but she had never thought something so, monstrous. It was as if the kids in that kindergarten were completely blind; they saw nothing she saw, they heard nothing she heard, they felt nothing she felt. She got out of all of it anyway, and now she had lived, tried to be normal. Now she is twelve. And her world had only then, finally begin.

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