The Cryptic Killer

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Chapter 11

After his shower Jack wrapped his towel around his waist while he waited for Rosie to finish washing the blood stains from his clothes.

Rosie’s bathroom adjoined her bedroom and was accessible though her bedroom. Jack wandered from the bathroom into Rosie’s bedroom and glanced around the room. Rosie wasn’t there. He noticed a free standing, full length dressing mirror in the corner of the room.

He approached the mirror and examined the injury to his cheek. There didn’t appear to be any bruising yet, but his cheek started to throb. The pain shot all the way down the left side of his face.

He gently pressed on his cheek bone. There’s no fracture. Probably just bruising.

‘What’s wrong with the robe I got for you?’ Rosie asked, as she returned to her room.

Jack responded while he continued to examine his eye in the mirror. His reflection made eye contact with Rosie, who stood with her hands on her hips. ‘Well for one, it’s too small…and the other…it’s a chick’s robe,’ Jack said.

Jack noticed Rosie had changed. She now wore a sheer white cotton robe wrapped across her body and loosely tied around her waist. He watched Rosie as she moved in and out of the adjoining bathroom while tidying up after Jack. He found himself silently admiring Rosie as she cleaned up.

The front of her robe had loosened from the bending and moving as she moved around the apartment. The robe sagged open, partially exposing most of her ample breasts. Jack noticed the thin cotton material was see-through. Her breasts bounced around freely under the robe. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

As she moved around it became evident to him that she was not wearing any underwear. The sight of Rosie’s near-naked form excited Jack.

‘You got changed too,’ Jack said, stating the glaringly obvious.

Rosie’s paused. Her eyes dropped down to her robe. ‘Oh, yeah I did…’ she said, before re-entering the bathroom. She returned to the bedroom a few seconds later and continued, ‘I was putting your clothes in the machine, so thought I may as well throw mine in as well… saves me doing them later.’

Jack sat on the end of Rosie’s bed enjoying the semi-clad show her domestic activities provided. ‘Sounds fair enough to me,’ Jack said.

Rosie once again walked into the bathroom and returned a short time later holding a small white butterfly clip. ‘Let me put this on you.’ She held out the butterfly bandage to Jack. ‘It should help keep the wound together.’ All Jack noticed were her partially exposed breasts moving freely under the light material.

It was difficult for him to concentrate with the covering of loose clothing Rosie wore. The robe hung loosely open. Her full inner cleavage was on display. Her breasts were hypnotic to him as they swayed, bounced and jiggled freely when she walked over to him.

The loosely tied robe parted up the front when she walked, seductively exposing her shapely right thigh, all the way up to her hip. ‘OK,’ was all Jack could manage.

Jack remained seated on the end of Rosie’s bed. Rosie stood in front of Jack straddling his leg while she attended to his injury. ‘Hold still now,’ she instructed. She leaned forward to apply the bandage.

His eyes were now only inches away from Rosie’s breasts. She smelt so good, it was mesmerizing. He had never noticed this about her before.

When she leaned forward slightly to affix the bandage the front of her robe fell open and provided Jack with a full view of her breast hanging free from any restraints. He noticed her large nipple was erect.

He wasn’t sure if it was the copious quantities of alcohol he had consumed earlier, or the tantalizing sight of Rosie’s semi-naked form, or a bit of both, but he knew that he wanted her so much it started to consume his every thought.

‘There...That should hold.’ She backed away from Jack and moved to stand in front of him. ‘Now,’ she said with her hands on her hips studying Jack sitting in his white towel. 'What can you put on while we wait for your clothes?' She asked.

Jack looked Rosie up and down with a beaming smile of approval. ‘You,’ he replied. He spoke without first thinking; an unusual reaction for a man so controlled.

Rosie’s eyes flared. She smiled. ‘Excuse me,’ she said grinning.

Jack stood up from the bed. His erection lifted the front of his towel. ‘You…’ he boldly repeated. 'I wouldn’t mind putting you on me,’ he grinned.

Without shifting his eyes from Rosie, Jack swept off his towel and lobbed it to Rosie.

Rosie snatched the towel. Her approving eyes ran over his naked form. The sight of his large penis excited her. His proud erection was almost pointing directly at her as Jack stood at the foot of her bed wearing nothing but a grin.

Rosie’s eyes lifted to meet Jack’s. While holding her seductive come-fuck-me eyes, she slowly undid her robe and let the tie fall limply to her side. Her untethered robe separated at the front and fell partially open, revealing a peek at what was underneath. She then slowly peeled open her robe and, one-by-one, slid her shoulders out. Her naked body opened up to him as the robe slid slowly down her back. She let the robe fall to the floor into a crumpled heap behind her.

Jack couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her body was everything he had imagined. She wore a soft tan, which suggested sun exposure, not bottle. Her blonde hair framed the natural beauty of her smiling face looking back at him.

Everything about her was perfect. From her tight fit figure, her magnificent breasts, her curvaceous body to her long shapely legs. His erect penis throbbed his approval.

Rosie ambled seductively over towards Jack and reached out and gently grabbed his erect penis. With her other hand she reached up and placed it around behind Jack’s head. She stared lovingly into Jack’s eyes. He smiled in acceptance as she gently pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately.

The feel of her skin in their passionate embrace was captivating. She was soft, warm and seemed to fit perfectly in his arms as he hugged her close to him. She smelt so good it was tantalizing.

Rosie placed her hand on his chest and slowly, but gently dragged her hand down his chest and over his stomach as she slowly lowered herself down to her knees in front of Jack.

Jack groaned in pleasure as Rosie took him in her mouth, while her other hand caressed his balls and gently teased his perineum.

Jack’s head rocked back and his eyes closed in the pure delight. She did things with her tongue that he had never experienced before during oral sex and it drove him crazy.

The thought of such a beautiful woman giving him head was fantastic, but he couldn’t wait any longer. Jack had not been with too many women since his separation, in fact he couldn’t remember when the last time was; a sad consequence of being a workaholic.

Jack was unable to contain his escalating expectation. He reached down and lifted Rosie under her arms to stand in front of him. He gently run his fingers down the side of her face before reaching around behind her head and gently pulled her closer towards him. Their lips once again met in a passionate kiss and firm embrace.

While continuing with their passionate kissing, Rosie used her body weight to nudge Jack backwards, onto her bed. Jack fell backwards still holding onto Rosie’s embrace, still passionately kissing, with Rosie now lying on top of him.

Rosie slowly and seductively dragged her body up over Jack, intentionally, but lightly dragging her sizable breasts across his body. She stopped with her breasts near his face, a position she held momentarily while she reached to retrieve a condom from her bedside drawer.

Taking what he thought was a not too subtle hint, Jack commenced to lightly suck, lick and caress her breasts. He nibbled on each of her firm nipples producing a series of moans and groans from Rosie while she paused to enjoy the attention her breasts received.

After selecting a condom Rosie sat straddling Jack while she hastily ripped into the condom wrapper. Jack smiled as he watched the empty wrapper float to the floor.

Without speaking she held the unrolled condom up to Jack then placed it into her mouth.

Jack’s eyebrows raised in wonderment, assuming the condom was for his penis, not her mouth.

Rosie seductively slid herself back down Jack’s body towards his penis. With her face near his groin she paused briefly to examine his manhood close up. Jack watched on in excitement as she took hold of him.

With her eyes remaining fixed on Jack the whole time, she slowly lowered her face to his penis and using her mouth, she slowly unrolled the condom all the way down the shaft of his erection. Jack had never experienced something so sensual before.

Once she had finished Rosie readjusted her position on top of Jack. She moved to straddle him. He watched on in pleasure as Rosie reached down and took hold of him and slowly guided him inside her. Both let out moans of pleasure as he entered her for the first time.

Their love making that followed was intense, passionate and fast paced. The bedroom resembled a wrestling ring at times as they moved and rolled around, remaining intertwined while they changed their sexual positions.

Eventually, both fell spent onto Rosie’s bed, panting with excitement and satisfaction. Physically exhausted, they lay staring at the ceiling. In time they both fell asleep.

During the night Jack awoke and became aroused at the sight of his beautiful naked companion and they again succumbed to their animal desires. They repeated their passionate lovemaking a further two more times before morning.

Jack’s eyes opened slowly from his relaxed slumber. While lying staring at the ceiling he grinned to himself when he noticed they had inadvertently left the bedroom light on overnight.

The light’s affect was negated by the morning sunlight that had engulfed every corner of the bedroom as it spread through Rosie’s curtain free, second story windows.

Jack lifted himself onto an elbow. His eyes dropped admiringly to his beautiful naked goddess lying peacefully asleep beside him.

As if purposely posed for a sensual magazine shoot, Rosie was on her back with her left arm over her head, resting on her pillow. A white satin sheet partially covered her golden tanned body, leaving her left breast fully exposed out the side of the sheet. Her left leg was exposed from high on her hip, all the way down to her foot. He was in awe at just how sexy, how perfect she was.

Jack's admiring gaze moved to the bed side clock. His eyebrows lifted. He quietly slipped out of bed, careful to let Rosie sleep. After all she didn’t have to get up for work this morning.

After his shower Jack was naked and was towel drying his hair when he walked back into the bedroom. He noticed his clothes from last night neatly folded at the foot of Rosie’s bed, but Rosie was nowhere to be seen.

There was a note sitting on the top of his clothes. He lifted the note and read it to himself. A contended smile emerged across his face.

“Good morning stud. Just gone to get us some coffee. Won’t be long… R

Jack grinned as he dropped the note onto the bed.

Jack and Rosie sat at Rosie’s small round dining table sipping on their morning coffee while they basked in their lingering after glows from the night before. It had been a long time since Jack had been with a woman and this was a union that was long overdue.

Jack lifted his cup to his lips but paused before taking a sip. ‘You didn’t happen to see my phone last night when you washed my clothes did you?’ he asked, then sipped his coffee.

‘No,’ she replied. Rosie’s eyes lifted to the ceiling. ‘No. I emptied all your pockets but there wasn’t a cell in any of them.’

‘I have searched everywhere up here. I don’t know where it is,’ he said.

‘Could it have fallen out of your pocket during the fight last night?’ Rosie said.

Jack shrugged. ‘Who knows? Maybe.’

Without any urgency, Rosie and Jack finished their coffees then went down to the bar to search for Jack’s mobile phone.

The lingering pungent aroma from the disinfectant Rosie had used last night to clean up the blood and vomit still permeated the air inside the bar.

‘Whoa. It stinks in here,’ Rosie declared. She bent down and touched carpet she cleaned last night. ‘Still wet.’

After a systematic search of the bar, Rosie located Jack’s phone on the floor, near where he earlier sat at the bar.

Rosie examined the phone’s display. ‘You’ve got five missed calls Jack… Wonder what the urgency was last night?’ She handed Jack his phone.

‘Don’t know.’ He called his message bank.

After hanging up from the last of the messages Jack said, ‘the station was looking for me last night…four are from the station and one is from Spence….When they couldn’t find me they must’ve contacted Spence…something to do with some new evidence in the case…’ Jack pocketed his phone. ‘I’ll discuss it when I get in this morning,’ he said.

It wasn’t until he spoke that Jack realized that was the first time he had thought about this case since he woke from his afternoon nap yesterday evening.

‘What’s up…?’ Rosie must’ve noticed Jack’s smug expression.

Jack smiled. ‘Nothing. Just thinking about last night…’

‘Yeah…?’ Rosie said. ‘I haven’t stopped thinking about it.’

Jack smiled as he checked his watch. The time was approaching 8am. Rosie’s bar was less than a block from the station so he decided he would head to work dressed as he was, in his jeans and casual shirt, to make an appearance. Then when time permitted, he could duck off home and change into his suit.

Following a passionate good-bye kiss to Rosie, Jack made his way to his office.

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