The Cryptic Killer

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Chapter 24

Jack and Spence stared through the two-way mirror at Wylie seated in the interrogation room. ‘I wonder how much this prick knows…’ Jack said, thinking out loud. ‘OK…let’s get it done.’

Jack moved to the viewing room exit door. At the door he stopped and pointed to the video camera. ‘Turn that thing off,’ he said before exiting.

Spence grinned as he complied.

Wylie jumped like a frightened rabbit as Jack and Spence burst through the door. His head snapped towards them as they entered. His frightened eyes were wide with concern.

‘Am I going to be here much longer…? I’ve been here for hours.’

Jack slammed his folder on to the table. A deafening crack sound bounced off the walls of the small room.

Jack struck Wylie with an open hand to the back of his head. Wylie’s shoulders lifted and his head turtled down into his body. His eyes were shut as he cringed in pain while his hands grabbed the point of impact.

Before Wylie could open his eyes, Jack lifted his foot and forcefully pushed Wylie’s upper body away from him. Wylie desperately grabbed at the back of his chair as he started to fall, but that only served to drag the chair down to the floor with him. His substantial frame hit the floor with a muffled thud.

Wylie cowered on the ground in fear. Jack glared down as he jabbed a finger at Wylie. ‘You don’t have the fuckin’ right talk to me until you are asked a question,’ he said through gritted teeth. Jack’s eyes thinned. ’And you will leave when I tell you to leave…Got it…?'

‘Yes,’ Wylie whimpered, as he started to get up from the floor.

Using his foot, Jack pushed Wylie back down. Wylie’s body collapsed from the force. ‘I didn’t say you could get up,’ he said firmly. ‘You are where you belong, you piece of shit. Now…’ Jack jabbed an aggressive finger at Wylie. ‘We are going to ask you some questions…One bullshit answer…Just one,’ he said as he made a fist. ‘The world of pain I will unleash on you will make you regret the day you were born…’ He glared at Wylie cowering on the floor.

Everyone receiving the Jack Head stare-down instantly knew this guy meant business. You instantly knew that you didn't mess with him when he was in this mood; big, strong, angry and incredibly intimidating.

‘Right now you are an accessory to three murders and you want to fucking hope like hell it’s not four.’

Wylie opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again when Jack glared at him.

Jack waved the back of his hand at Wylie. ‘Get up,’ Jack ordered.

Wylie re-positioned himself at the table. His submissive eyes flicked between Jack and Spence. His puppy dog eyes welled with tears. Jack had broken him. Wylie would now be fully compliant.

Wylie portrayed as a cocky, educated know-it-all clean skin, who had never been in trouble with the law before. In his own mind he knew everything about the law. He knew his rights, but his naivety had no idea how things worked in the real world.

Rights don’t mean shit in the inner sanctums of a police station with cops like Jack Head towering over you behind closed doors.

Wylie’s perfect world had never experienced this side of policing before. It was the side that the public didn't usually see in this contemporary era of political correctness. This side of Jack, and cops like him, was usually reserved for hardened criminals. Wylie was scared, and that was exactly what Jack had intended.

Jack perched himself on the table beside Wylie. His arms were folded to intimidate as much as he could. ‘What was the arrangement when you drove the car out of the garage this morning?’

‘Um…I took it around to East 49th Street and parked it. I put the keys on the passenger side rear wheel for Bear to pick up,’ Wylie said.

‘He wasn’t there?’ Jack asked.

‘No… I didn’t see him.’

‘What was the arrangement for the return of the vehicle?’

‘He had to return it by 4 or 4.30am to make sure it was back in the garage…in case the owner was an early riser and needed it.’

'We found it parked in East 49th Street. The keys were how you left them. Are you saying that wasn’t the arrangement for the return?'

‘No… He was to contact me when he was ready to bring it back. Once I returned it to the garage I would move the camera while I return the keys to the cupboard.’

‘How did you get paid if he wasn’t at the drop off?’

‘He came by yesterday and paid me…He usually pays me the day before… It was easier that way.’

Jack glanced over his shoulder at Spence, seated on the other side of the table behind him.

Jack’s mind raced. Maybe the car was never picked up in the first place. Maybe it had remained where Wylie had initially parked it, until they discovered it later.

'Exactly where in East 49th Street did you park the Audi?’ Spence asked.

‘About half way down the street in a parking bay on the left hand side.’

Jack's eyebrows arched. That was a different position to where they located it. ‘Half way down…not two-thirds of the way down?’ Jack clarified.

’No definitely half way. I parked it opposite the Waldorf’s gold doors…you know the two gold colored doors opposite the lane that runs down to the Intercontinental.’

Jack glanced at Spence. ‘We found it further up the road…so it’s been used then,’ Jack said. ‘Why did he dump it instead of returning it as planned?’

‘I honestly have no idea. I’ve been sitting here all morning.’ Wylie’s focus snapped to Jack. His face tightened and his shoulders tensed as he monitored Jack's reaction to his comments.

Jack allowed the comment to slip by. He was distracted while his mind ran through the likely reasons why the car was dumped.

Spence gestured to Jack and they moved away from Wylie and huddled near the door. Spence whispered to Jack. ‘Maybe the perp saw Unit Fourteen parked in East 50th and decided to abandon it,’ Spence said.

Jack nodded. ‘Makes sense.’

Jack returned to Wylie. Spence remained leaning against the door. ‘What can you tell me about “Bear”?’ Jack asked.

‘Not much really.’

‘How many times have you met him?’

Wylie shrugged. ‘Five or six.’

‘Where did you meet him?’

‘At the hotel.’

‘Each time?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘How old is he?’

‘I didn’t ask him.’

‘Guess,’ Jack aggressively blurted.

Wylie’s shoulders instantly rose up and his head withdrew.

‘Ah… um…I’d say about….twenty-five…twenty-six,’ he said cowering away with his arms lifted in defense.

‘Did he say where he lives... where he is from?’

‘Never discussed it.’

‘Describe “Bear” to me’

‘Um… solid… about six feet…eight or nine…blue eyes… really blue. Um…’

‘Solid-fat, or solid-muscular?’ Jack clarified.

‘No… muscular…really strong looking.’



’Facial hair…?

‘No, clean shaven and he had really closely shaved hair. Not receding, shaved.’

‘Did you notice any scars or tattoos on him…? On his hands, neck, arms…?’

‘None that I could see.’

‘Does Bear discuss his “dates” with you at any time…? Who the girls are…where he knows them from…?’

‘No, and I don’t ask. He just says he has a hot date…I don’t ask too many questions. He just pays me and that’s all I’m worried about.’

Jack glanced at Spence. ‘Do you have anything to add…?’ Jack said. Spence returned a very slight, almost indiscernible nod to Jack.

‘OK. I’m going to send someone in here shortly and you are going to give them an accurate photo-fit description of Bear. Are we clear?’ he said staring Wylie down.

‘Yes Sir.’

Jack’s mobile phone began to ring. He quickly answered the call. ‘Jack Head. Sure, give me a minute,’ he said then signaled to Spence before both men exited the interrogation room.

With the phone held low Jack instructed Spence to contact the TELCO and obtain the owner details for the phone number that Wylie had in his phone under the contact for “Bear”.

Jack returned the phone to his ear. ‘Back again. Go ahead.’ Jack wedged his phone between his shoulder and ear. He slipped his pen from his shirt pocket, opened his folder to a blank page and quickly started to scribble.

‘Aha… how long ago…? Aha…’ he frantically scribbled down notes. ‘Peter Cooper Village…I know it…yep…was she injured…? Aha…how old is she…? Aha…Can she describe him…? Great…OK…He what…? On his —’, Jack cut himself short. His face cringed. ‘I can be there in ten…’ Jack hung up his phone and returned it to his pocket.

After arranging for an officer to compile a photo-fit ID from Wylie, Jack met Spence in the corridor and they made their way to the garage.

‘Where we going…?’ Spence asked as he moved to keep pace with Jack.

‘Just got a call from 9-1-1 dispatch. Looks like we have a lucky one that got away from our killer earlier tonight. Peter Cooper Village,’ he said.

‘That’s great. This’ll be interesting,’ Spence said. ‘She should be able to give us a first-hand insight into who our perp is and his MO.’

Spence then updated his inquiries from the TELCO. ‘No luck on the number…it’s a burn phone– as we expected,’ Spence said.

Jack shrugged it off. He was more focused on this latest victim — the one that got away.

‘That explains it…’ Jack blurted. ‘He fucked up…That’s why there hasn’t been a body, and why he dumped the car….’ The pieces of the puzzle from the night’s events started to fall into place. ‘You wanna hear something funny…?’ Jack said, unable to contain an unsympathetic wry grin. ‘This girl we are going to see, this hooker, bit the killer on the cock when she was giving him head…sliced it open like a ripe melon apparently…that’s how she was able to escape from him.’

‘Urrgh,’ Spence moaned. His face distorted.

‘Yeah, and apparently the injury was quite bad.’ Jack stopped in his tracks.

‘What’s up?’ Spence asked, stopping beside Jack. Concerns lines formed on his face..

Jack removed his phone and dialed. He instructed the person on the other end to arrange a check of the ERs from every hospital and medical center in the greater NYC area to see if any male was admitted with an injury to his 'Johnson.’ He smiled to himself as he disconnected his call. ‘Karma’s a bitch ain’t it,’ he smirked.

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