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The Arc of Date

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Life is a mystery and endless drama which is neither black nor white. It contains both truth and lies. It has many possibilities that are almost impossible. So lets get into the story of Indu as she pass through many stages of life experiencing bizarre events that doesn't seem possible.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

When you want to remember something, it's common for our memories to get distorted slightly but somehow some memories doesn't get affected at all. Some moments in our lives are unexplained mystery that doesn't even feel real.

From the beginning I considered myself normal according to the human standards but when my teenage life got near I begin to act normal and somewhere along the way I began to lose myself. I don't know much about human feelings and I don't know about myself either. At most of the times I don't even understand myself.

Even from my childhood I was considered as a silent kid, sure I may done some mischief but that's it. Sure there was love in my life but still I grew up as a lazy, procrastinating silent kid. I love read mythological stories in my native language and grew up listening to it. When I reached my Highschool I was often found in the library reading it in English and that's when I was got the attention of the mystery genre. At first I was curious of the stories and soon got myself sinking deeper into it. And to tell you the truth Highschool wasn't easy either, it was exhausting and the only thing that gave comfort was the stories even if it had many sad endings.

And then I began to wonder if is there any mysteries in real world and found myself searching for it in the internet. And countless mysteries came out and what caught my attention was about the dreams that came true in real life. Because sometimes I began to experience it. At first it was small fragments with fantasy like dreams but then there were some real life like dreams that felt real and i just shrug it off.

But there was one unforgettable dream that happened. I was 14 at that time. In that dream I was driving a car, I know we can't drive the car at that age but hey it was just a dream. Anyways a cat just came Infront of my car and to not hurt it, I turned the wheel and crashed in the pole. Few months after that when we are going to the temple when we had an accident. fortunately we got out of it with minor injuries. A small truck crashed into the car at the back causing us to crash into the pole and the force is so strong that when we hit the pole it caused us to move back and topple over the truck and we just got small injuries out of it. I mean how's that possible, the man that drove the truck got hurt in the knee and it was bleeding profusely.

I was a religious person and prayed sincerely but when I nearly finishing the secondary Highschool I began to lose hope and I just had an one or two friends at that time. And when I entered the higher secondary, I began socialize I still had few friends but I'm content with them and it was the stressful period of everyone's life, mine too but I was happy with them.

So let's start with that part of my life.

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