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The Apartment

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A Young Teenager named Aurora stumbles upon an abandoned apartment. But the Secrets & Mysteries lurking in the shadows of the Apartment soon will be revealed. Aurora fights against her fear of a high school bully yet her fear grows, using the abandoned apartment as a place to hide. Meanwhile, Akirah struggles trying to break a conspiracy hidden in the Apartment, but an old murder crime gets in the way of things. And as, Mira tries to trust Hazel after the incident in ninth grade , things get a rough start between the two ending up in a fist fight. And Hazel tries fixing her mistakes from the past but ends up in a situation, endangering all of them. A Dangerous Journey Has Begun.

Mystery / Drama
Age Rating:

{ ~ Chapter 1 ~ }

{ ~ One Year Ago ~ }

" You're a traitor... " Mira Glared, speechless yet hurt.

" Mira wait- " Hazel blurted out but before she finished her sentence, Mira replied immediately.

" What! Another apology? You really think that might solve our problem, look around you. " Mira replied in a shattered tone, as she shook on the inside. It was silent, peaceful but... it didn't sound right.

" I know you're hurt, I understand. But if you want to survive in this world, if you want to be strong, if you don't want to be hu- " Hazel replied. Before Hazel finished her sentence, Mira immediately interfered once again

" Enough excuses. We've already lost all of them! " Mira's held in her tears as it showed through her eyes. She was filled with hatred, rage, and full of fear.

" Mira, just let me explain! I had no choice! " Hazel raised her tone, as she glared, expecting Mira to back down.

" Explain? Alright. Then explain why Aurora's dead, explain why Akirah's disappeared! Explain to me why you did this! " Mira cried out, as she immediately tackled Hazel to the rough muddy ground.

" I'll explain it all but where's little prince charming? " Hazel glared as amusement showed through her eyes, as she'd form her hand into a fist, prepared.

" You. YOU! " Mira stared, as tears rolled down her face. An intense fear shot through veins, as she was kicked off.

Hazel dragged Mira against a tree as she repeatedly punched her, as the blood rushed down her hands.

" This is pathetic. " Hazel slid a smirk. As blood ran down her knuckles, slowly to her palm, she'd hear a yell from the distance. Akirah... Hazel thought.

" HAZEL! " Akirah shouted, as she ran over.

" Akirah. " Hazel glanced over her shoulder.

Akirah stared, fear spread across her dark brown eyes. She stood, confused but as Aurora ran towards them, getting closer by the second. Akirah understood it all. The cabin, the claw marks and the bloody scratches, and the map was all a distraction. Was she an assistant to the murder this whole time or did she help Hazel do something far worse? Akirah ran immediately without a word, terrified. Akirah disappeared through the foggy woods of the forest.

" NO, YOU COWARD! " Hazel yelled out. A moment later, Aurora appeared, but it wasn't just her.

Bright police lights were flashed through Hazel's eyes. She immediately ran as a piece of paper flew out of her pocket into the mud.

A large foot stepped onto the paper, as it stuck into the ground, hidden by the leaves and mud.

" Mira...?! " Aurora said, in a shaken and concerned tone of voice.

Akirah would never do such thing... Would she? Aurora thought for a moment, wondering. Right...?

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