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Mystery on the mansion

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A detective wakes up in a different bed other than his. The 6 people including him try to get out of the mansion but little do they know that something is lurking in the dark

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Discovery

"In a world which darkness have never existed, no light can be found..."

A young boy was running in the deepest and the darkest side of the forest. Something or Someone was chasing him, when the boy found time and looked his back he saw a big mans silhouette. The silhouette was coming closer and closer as young boy gasped. The boy throwed a rock at mans silhouette somehow ıt dodged. As the boy was losing strength the man was gaining strength. It was lıke fighting with void. In the end silhouette caught the boy. Dedective woke up from his endless nightmare of his dark past. Doctor looked at him as dedective woke up breathless. It took him some minutes to recovered his mind, he looked everywhere the door was great decorated and the color of it was something like yellow, the ceiling was well-made too ıt was even whiter than snow besides that there weren't that much things other than a wooden table and some beautiful chairs. Dedective asked the doctor where he is and the doctor said the answer was in the hall and she continued in a reproachful tone "just go to the dining hall everyone is waiting for you". He suddenly run towards to door, he oppened the door firmly he hurried. He stopped when he arrived dining hall, there were only 5 persons: one of them was likely to be a scientist, there were also two young persons which are dressed as high schoolers, there was a maid too and last but not least a chef. the doctor calmly came in and only said " calm down first then ı will explain everything to you." he stood there for a minute then she began talking and asked "do you remember who you are, where do you come or what is your job?" dedective thought and realised that his mind was fully empty, he looked at the doctor with his dull eyes "let me answer for you, no right? You don't remember anything, none of us neither, all we know about here is we are locked here and there is a bloodthirsty murderer that have taken my sister from me also ı am a doctor as you see but sadly there is no medical stuff so i can't do anything for deep wounds." suddenly " ıs there any librarys here?" dedective asked to maid. " yes there should be wide one." "Where is it?" maid answered " just go ahead and there should be a angelic figure turn right when you see the statue, there is a big door which is decorated with roses" Dedective left the dining hall in a rush. when he arrived at the library fist thing that he do was taking a new looking book and looked the made year of the book but there was no information about it "strange" he muttered. Doctor and the other five people came after him. Dedective turned around and asked a question to Student "witch year are we in?" student answered he was stammering "ıt should be 2035". "I understand thank you." and turned to the other student "have you ever looked to the books?" she looked to the books on the red table answering "yes ı have read some books" dedective walked to the books on the red table he picked a orange book looking at the name of it afterwards he opened the book he took a peek but there was nothing about the writer or a date, only the story and the cover of book. "so you are isolating us from the real world huh?" he thought.

Dedective was sitting in his room, he was reading a new book that he took from library. He took a sip from his tea before scientist came in his room. He was in rush "Please, save me from that maniac she is saying that ı destroyed her precious kitchen!" chef entered the room in anger. "You are a monster, you just tried to blow my stove!" " I wasn't expecting that while ı was doing it, ıt was an experiment!". "I will show you the experiment!" Dedective caught the discarded book at the last minute. " What is happening here?" Dedective said as he looked scientist. Before he could answer, the doctor came in. "Alright Betty that is enought, let's go". "Betty?" Betty smiled. "That is my name. And this scientist wanna be is Leonard" and pointed the scientis. While doctor was trying to calm Betty dedective asked Leonard about the mansion's history. History of mansion was the top priority to him now. The ultimate test, the ultimate question, last mystery to be solved. After all that pain of his after all this suffering that he had in his childhood the memorys of his was haunting him. A voice that he can not remember the owner always says "you are a wortless stupid, that brain of yours, is nothing but a suffering for you" " Who do you think you are?" " What were you saying you will be a great dedective? We'll see about that". he was getting angry while he remembers his past and that voice. "We acually found something that you might like" said Leonard. As he said that dedective smiled you were be able to see the sparklings of hope in his eyes. Dedective calmed his voice and said "Let me see what you have found." They both rushed to the library students were doing the research as the door opened violently they both distracted and feared like two cats, Alicia said "Cant you be more kind you door killer." dedective acted like he heard nothing and asked what did they found. Leonard answered" years ago there was someone was found dead then as the time pasts this mansion saw so many genocides, look at that article "Genocide at the mansion of the dead"."" İt said "mansion of the dead" could you explain meaning of this?" "okay, i know what happened, that was a masion of a dead man which have gone missing its body is still not found i remember that part as clear as sunlight but when it comes to the details, there is nothing but a hollow void". No details only the subject. He thought a while as he looked to the ceiling. A murder, no that was more than a normal murder, missing bodies, no knowledge, no investigation."So there is nothing but some rumors huh?" "Yes, the police has started investigation once actually but they closed the case half of the studies" answered Leonard. Dedective turned his back and said "thanks" nothing more just a cold "Thanks" and he left the room. Those voices again he tought, when will those stupid voices will shut up? All that he wanted was that. That was too painful for him, a haunted voice of his dark past when will it stop making him weaker? As he walked throught the corridor he only had these thoughts in his mind. When he finally arrived his room he threw himself to couch, he heard some footsteps so he pretended to be reading. Betty opened the door harshly and said "The meal is ready mister Damian- oh what are you reading?" Dedective looked at her and showed an mystery novel that named "from the diary of a killer"

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