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Mystery / Adventure


Darkness, is one of the many creatures that lurk within us human beings. Some are even tortured to the point of being eaten alive, of it. My life has not been simple, and neither has yours, if you think your life is easy, listen to me. It isn't, Darkness will consume us all, if we don't find a way to stop it. We are doomed, I have been running from those who will cause me harm in anyway for years, so far it's worked. This world, is not what I had imagined. I wanted to create a world of peace, joy and laughter; Though I got the complete opposite.

Chapter 1

There it was the voice that stood out; out of the darkness. My heart beat as if it were a thousand drums. My breath echoed inside me, was Imagining this? Or was it real?

You are such, such a disappointment to me Shiane. I thought you were better than this… I thought you’ve learned from the others.

I’m-I’m sorry.


It was an early morning in, keleyion. The streets were crowded, sirens blasting, the buildings were as tall as the sky, however they didn’t meet. If you were careful of your surroundings; payed attention to the world around you, you could hear the slightest sound, such as a drop of a coin.

My breath quickened as they gained on me, not knowing what else to do, I ran straight for the back alleyway, and climbed over the fence. Ha! Escaped from them again!

We’ll get you Azora! The other boys shouted.

Yea right, Nordan if you could get me you would get me right now! And with that Azora ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He stopped in front of an old rugged looking house, and opened the fence that lead into the backyard. A scruffy looking old husky came up to welcome him, Hey shasta! He said with glee and patted her on the head. Do you know where Mrs.Coptry is? She is usually back by now. Mrs. Coptry?

Mrs.Coptry? He called louder.

Azora sat his backpack down and pulled out the jug of milk. Will you watch my backpack Shasta? Shasta just wagged her tail.

Azora walked back around towards the slider door, and was surprised that he saw the door was open, looking as if it had beene jammed open..She must’ve just forgotten her keys again.

Mrs. Coptry? He took a step inside cautiously seeing that the room was a mess. Drawers were pulled out of the kitchen, knives scattered, and there was some blood on the floor.

Mrs. Coptry? When he closed the door two hands reached out and covered his mouth making him startled. He turned around to see who it was...Mrs. Coptry? He sucked in a breath.

Shh. Someone’s, broken into my house! She whispered. I don’t know if they’re still here!

And with that she let go, and he took a deep breath.

I’ll go find out, he grabbed one of the clean knives and searched the house for any signs of unwelcomed guests.

I knew you would show up. Hearing that voice he shivered but didn’t understand why, he was so afraid.

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