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Jimmy Jazz

By rsakers All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Humor


Jimmy Jazz is a principally a modern crime novel, set in Central Manchester. The protagonist is DI Jamie King whose storyline follows that of a hero in a Greek tragedy; he starts on top and ends up at the bottom. The crime is the rape and murder of homosexual men. The crime explores themes of homosexuality and the LGBTQ community in Manchester. There are clues throughout the entire story include several red herrings to point to the killer. The murder mystery acts as a scaffolding to explore other greater themes. These include grief and depression and how current society deals with these emotional wounds. The LGBTQ aspect allows the story to explore the role of sexuality, masculinity and femininity in society. These are explored via the other central characters, which include two DCs, Simone and Aleski. While they provide comic relief they also act as foil characters to the protagonist Jamie. Jamie’s relationship with his girlfriend Emma and the friend of the victim Lucy is also explored. As his relationship with Lucy strengthens his relationship with his girlfriend disintegrates. The role of relationships, and the different forms they come here are looked at.


Jimmy Jazz.

The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz

I said, he ain’t here, but he sure went past

Oh, you’re looking for Jimmy Jazz

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