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He is my stalker

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My dear reader, stalking is a big crime. Stay away from it. A Thirller Mystery stalker story. Let's play with your mind....

Mystery / Thriller
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The first meeting

The story began with a beautiful girl named Zoya a mental patient. Who's father just want to give her some space from her frustrating stressful life and send her away in a special center for mental patient. But Zoya actually act normal with everybody. She never harm anyone physically but of course she is a mental patient that proved by her doctor and she have a really rare disease. That she got by her genetics of her mother.

(After know the all details of her life you must be thinking I am the stalker 🙂 hahaha.)

One day Zoya's personal assistant told her to sketch strangers for her mental health. She agreed and an old lady came to her and asked for a sketch. She started to draw then she doesn't feel a good vibe. She thinks while drawing someone is watching her , she turned back but can't notice anyone. After completing the sketch. A kid came to her and again she just see a black glass man but can't notice the whole face and hair because of maybe his hoddie and mask, she just fainted. And her assistant take her to the doctor. Her assistant told her to rest but she refused and started to draw for strangers. One week later everything was fine Zoya just finished a sketch of a pregnant woman and the woman give her the money and suddenly a thief came and steale her money started to run but a strong punch came in his face a black glasses man with shirt Zoya looked at him. Zoya thanked him. And started to feel again a bad vibe. The Man clean his eyes with a handkerchief and says

"Hi ! My name is Liam ."

"Hello Liam ". ( Zoya replied uncomfortably)

Liam desperately says with a smile "Handshake" Zoya give hi the handshake with just being uncomfortable.

Liam said: "Can you draw me ?"

Zoya said:" Ok sit down. "(Again being uncomfortable)

Zoya started to sketch him and noticed Liam face remind her of somebody , she recently met.

Zoya: "aah! Can you remove your glass?"

Liam:" Why ?" ( Asked nervously)

Zoya:" It would look better with your eyes on."

Liam: "Yeah ! I would love to but I have a eye infection."

Zoya: "ooh. Okay!"

Liam started to wipe his eyes. Zoya started to draw his whole face and in the time when she just going to finish the drawing. She said....

Zoya: "Did we met before?"

Liam:"No, no, Never !" (He answered nervously)

Zoya: "Excused me ! But I think I met you at least one time in my life. I think you forget. Yeah your sketch is finished."

Liam: "Thanks "( in Sutter). "How much I have to pay you."

Zoya:" it's it's hum hum"

Before Zoya can answer her head spinning and she just fainted. She opened her eyes in a hospital. Where her assistant Ruby taking to the doctor. And Zoya started to asking Ruby.

Zoya: "Ruby! How I fainted. I was fine."

Ruby: "ooh! Your doctor said it that you have minor attack by your Alzheimer diesees . Not a big thing but how handsome that man who came here to taking you fully in his strong arm."

Zoya: "A handsome man means a boy named Liam with black glasses. "( With anger)

Ruby:" Yes yes. He even give you a CPR . In his eyes a true love was seeking while he yelled at the doctors to save you at any cost."

Zoya in disguiseed said, "Liam gives me CPR meant he kiss me."

Ruby: "No. It was a first sight love".

Zoya leaving the room with anger with yelling "No no no!!!"

Just opening the door she saw Liam with his black glasses and shocked.

Zoya:" You you "( yelling)!" How you know my location. Are you stalking me . Ooh now I remember You are my stalker."

(Liam shocked...)

Liam: "What a stalker? First of all I saved your life. And you are calling me a stalker."

Zoya:" Ooh oh ! Then why are you here? Tell me ! Why are you here?"

Liam: "Because I have a eye infection. I told you today. And that's why I came here for my appointment."

Zoya: "No no no ! You are lying. You are my stalker. You are my stalker"!(Yelling)

Suddenly Ruby came from the room. And asking...

Ruby: "Why are you yelling Zoya to the man who saved your life."

Liam: "Yes.."

Ruby:" Zoya try to understand it is a hospital not a fish market. I am just updating your father about your health and because of you yelling I couldn't speak to him clearly. Liam is a really good man."

Zoya: "Stop Ruby stop. Because of his innocent face don't misunderstand him . He is the few days ago stalker who were that black glasses and stalking me . But you said it was just a illusion of my brain but no on I am right he is my stalker."

Liam:" Please can you guys stop? In today is world it's is the payment to save someone's life. I don't want your stupid drawing. Please take it ." ( Liam said after wiping his eyes.)

Zoya: "Payment huh , then why are you nevous while speaking to me."

Ruby: "Stop Zoya Stop..."

A Liam aged 25 years man appear and said

The man: "Ma'am please behave yourself our sir Liam is a really big business man. But he don't like socializing that's why he nervous while speaking to others especially strangers. But truly he is really innocent even he asked you for a drawing in my instead". ( Ruby feeling sorry in her ma'am behalf )

Ruby: "Actually she has a mental problem."

The man: "yeah I understand."

Liam: "Miss Zoya here is your $100 for my drawing. Please forgive me if I do any mistake. Noah( the man name) let's just leave."

When Liam leaving Zoya was silent in anger. But after Liam leave the hospital Ruby said

Ruby:" Why ma'am why ? Your dad said the you can't harm anyone but I see you harm a innocent man with your harsh words."

Zoya: "Ruby if you don't want to trust me, fine I trust myself. And I feel myself He is my stalker"

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