Age is Nothing But A Number, (AINBAN)

By Richard Mills All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure

How everyone met.

“Let us all meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” Mother Teresa.

Each and every day you get to meet people wherever you go. Some meetings are planned, some happen for a specific reason and some happen due to the course of nature, which usually the average refers them as destiny. Joseph just like everyone else he met people, different people of course. Some came as lessons and some came as blessings.

His friends both Jonathan and Nicole were somehow blessings, that’s what he thought. But he was about to find out something that will change the purpose of one of his friends as either a blessing or a lesson. The conversation continues from the bar, where he got the tale of a conversation between Nicole and Jonathan.

{The conversation continues}

“Come on people. Joseph doesn’t have to know what?”

“Come on people. Joseph doesn’t have to know what?” he continued asking.

“Uhmm. Nothing interesting. Just one of Nicole’s boring rules.” Jonathan replied, oddly.

“Yeah, Jose. It is just one of those boring lectures of mine about relationships. So I didn’t want want to disturb you as you seemed busy these days. But if you have time I can gladly drop some knowledge on you right away.” adds Nicole, confidently.

“Yeah I think I still got some minutes till I finish this refreshing cold drink.”

“This is relationships exit kids.” he informed.

Relationship exit

Relationships are like a freeway. Freeway has an exit, so does relationships.

The first exit is 6 hours, you meet, you talk, you have sex. Then you leave when she hits the shower or when she is asleep

“This is usually my routine exit. And it is awesome!” affirmed Nicole.

“Grooasseeee!” shouted Joseph.

“Aii Moron!” adds Jonathan, with a small laughter.

{Nicole continued}

The next exits are:

4 Days

3 weeks

7 Months

A year and a half

18 years

And the last exit is death. Which the newly married couples usually claims that the will reach it, which is not usually the case as it happens to few of them.

“Nicole! I mean where the heck did you get this one?” asked Jonathan, curiously.

“Come on Jon! I’m Nicole, the master of the dating game and relationships. The badass of our time.” he replied, flattering himself continuously.

“Haha! Nicole though. Anyway have to dash now. Big day tomorrow.” murmured Joseph.

“Are you really going through with this pageant thing just because of Harmony?” asked Jonathan.

“Yeah, bro I’m going through with it simply because I love this pageant thing not because of some chick.” he replied.

“If you were like me. I would say you really wanna hit that but since you are just Joseph. The correct phrase for this would be you really want to date her, without any intentions of sexual activities.” said Nicole, mocking Joseph.

“Typical Graffanelo.” continued Nicole

“Haha. Yeah right typical me, anyway that’s my cue to leave. But one thing though, I may be young to you but I’m surely not dumbest here with that being the case I didn’t buy that speech you just gave me. I know there’s something you are hiding for me, but it’s fine, it will eventually come out. Cheers!” he said, standing up and leaving his friends with a climax.

“Damn I totally thought he bought that.” muttered Nicole.

“Haha! Come on Nic you always give us lectures, why would he believe that you were saving some for him till he is done with his things. I just hope you will find it in your heart to be honest with him bro.”

“Yeah you are right bro.” he replied.

That’s how they manage to keep the matter to themselves. But as we all know that the truth always comes out in its own way and time.


The pageant day eventually arrived. The big day for Joseph to impress Harmony unnoticedly. He was in a competition with a lad called Daniel who by rumours was either Harmony’s boyfriend or just a crush. All the contestants were ready to unleash their beauty and handsome potentials.

The first round was great for Joseph he made a great impression. He was unique and was wearing a uniform as an indication that it was an introductory round. His mentor Mpho and friends were purely impressed.

The second round was not Joseph’s favourite due to the attire they were supposed to wear. They were supposed to wear beach clothes and Joseph was content with his body as he was skinny without muscles. And girls were more interested in the boys with 6 packs and muscled arms. Graffenelo’s confident started to decrease rapidly due to that.

During the third round, his mind was no longer there. He seemed so worked up about something. People were even asking him that what might be the reason he is sad. The time to announce the top 5 arrived and Joseph wasn’t even counting himself as part of that.

Luckily his contesting number 7 was the first on to be called on the list of top 5 male contestants. Daniel’s number became the second, and the other 3 followed.

Joseph’s confidence started growing again. He started to rise again. He started to get the compliments from the audiences.

“Jose, if you win this contest, am I allowed to come and kiss you?” asked her then 7th-grade crush.

“Yeah no problem” he replied, blushing.

The final round approached. The top 5 contestants made their final round towards the judges and the audiences. The time for the judges to announce the best 3 followed, the time to determine who will win between Joseph and his rival Daniel.

As always the judges started announcing the position 3 entitled 2nd Prince.

“The 2nd Prince position goes to No. 47, Pontsho.” shouted the fellow judge.

The audience screamed and threw themselves to the number 47 contestant and the judge continued with the announcement.

“The 1st Prince position goes to number 54, Slikouuurr.” She continued.

The audiences followed with their usual routine of embracing the winner. It was the time to announce the king of the day. And neither of Daniel and Joseph made it to the 2nd and 1st prince positions. There were only 3 contestants left there.

Number 7: Joseph

Number 23: Daniel

Number 51: Cornelius

“And the winner is…”

The audience shouted the different numbers. The judge shouted again.

“The winner is… Numberrrr… fifty oneeeeee!!, Corneliusssssss.”

The crowd started losing its control, the classmates and those were supporting Cornelius the number 51 were ecstatic and proud of their boy. That was unbelievable because Joseph and Daniel thought they were the center of attention and neither of them won.

“At least Daniel didn’t win. So Harmony won’t have to choose the winner anymore. It’s somehow a tie for her, Daniel and you are even. That’s just looking at a brighter side“ said Harmony’s friend, trying to console Joseph as much as she could. And it worked.

Joseph then went back to his place to go and just relax. The plan was that when he wins, they will all go to the park and celebrate his victory. But then they decided not to cancel their plans just like that they decided to continue with them.


“Hey, buddy! How did it go? “Jonathan asked.

“Not good. I made it to top 5 but couldn’t make it to the best 3. On a brighter side that moron Daniel also didn’t make it to the best 3. So I guess it’s a tie. “he affirmed.

“Anyway what up? “

“None much; Nic and I bought some booze here to come and celebrate with you. Even though you didn’t win this can’t go to waste” replied Jonathan.

“Okay cool. Oh Hi, Portia! what a lovely surprise.” Greeted Joseph, sarcastically.

“Hey Jon, Nic, and Joseph, can I join you guys?” she asked.

“Yeah I don’t think Nic and Jose would mind. Right, guys?”

“Yeah, we don’t mind at all.” Replied Joseph.

“Right Nic?” Jon continued asking

“Yeah right! Why would I mind? I have nothing against Portia. Right Porche?” he replied and continued with the chain question.

“Yeah and besides I’m not used to you that much.” she murmured.

{It got awkward}

“Anyway Joseph that time you and I were still close, you forgot to tell me something.” She asked.

“And that is? “ he responded.

“That how did you meet these guys?” she continued.

“Oh! That it’s actually fun want to grab something to drink? This will take a lot of time.” affirmed Joseph.

“Okay cool. Let me grab one. Do you have a Hunters gold in that cooler box?” Portia asked.

“We have it, let me check one for you. Oh, Here it is.” Jonathan replied.

“Thanks, Jon.”

“And Portia…” nodded Joseph.

“What?” she asked

“This doesn’t change anything right? It doesn’t mean that we cool. I’m just being friendly here.” said Joseph.

“Noted!” she replied

“Okay about meeting these guys. Let me begin to tell you how I met the crazy Nic. It was at our usual Sports-bar, he was chilling reading a book entitled The Bro code by Matt Kuhn. All of the seats were filled except the one directly near him. Then I asked if I could sit with him, he agreed. We started chatting and chatting and he promised that he will summarize those codes and give me the best 10. Nicole do you recall? “

“Haha! Yeah, I remember that day bro. Thanks for reminding me, I have those best 10 in my phone now. You don’t mind if I share them with you now, right guys?” he asked.

“Absolutely!” Joseph replied for everyone.

“Okay cool!”


1.Article 1: Bro’s before ho’s

The bond between two men is stronger than the bond between a man and woman because on average men are stronger than women. That’s just science.

2. Article 2: A bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his bro’s are all doing it.

If a bro decides to sing in a crowded place, he is entitled to do it as long as the rest of his bro’s are backup singers.

3. Article 5: Whether he cares about sports or not, a Bro cares about sports.

Whether a bro likes sports or not, he should like the sports just for the moral support of his other bro’s. To avoid awkward silence, when his bro’s are discussing sports.

4. Article 10: A bro will drop whatever he is doing and rush to help his bro dump a chick.

No matter how busy he is, if his bro want to dump a chick he must leave everything to help him with tips of the break-up.

5. Article 15: A bro never dances with his hands above his head.

Otherwise, he will look like some sort of a gay.

6. Article 22: There is now law that prohibits a woman from being a bro.

Because woman makes the best bro’s ever. They are always there when its matters other than men who take almost everything like a joke.

7. Article 28: A bro will, in a timely manner, alert his bro to the existence of a girl fight.

Bro’s loves girl’s fights a lot. A bro must ensure that he alerts his bro when there’s one and a bro is not allowed to end a girl fight ever.

8. Article 34: Bro’s cannot make eye contact during a devil’s three way

If it happens that bro’s sleep with one girl at the same time in the same room, they aren’t allowed to make any eye contact. It will look weird if they do.

9. Article 41: A bro never cries.

As simple as that, a bro never cries. That’s it!

10. Article 58: A Bro doesn’t grow a mustache.

{He concluded}

“Wow, that’s awesome Nicole. You must be good at this stuff right!” embraced Portia

“Yeah, he is,” Joseph replied

“The next one is how Jonathan and I met.” Informed Joseph

“Jon you seem very quiet don’t you want to do the honors and share the story of how we met?” Joseph asked.

“Yeah, bro absolutely. One of the best meetings ever you were chilling at your gate doing a poem recital about success. Then I asked you if you were talking alone. Then you replied in a rude manner. Then I remember telling you that there is no need to be like that. That shit is done by girls. Then we started conversing about your poem and all.”

“Yeah I remember that man and it is great that you still remember it in every detail.” Responded Joseph

“Haha. To make it worse, I still remember it. I’m definitely sharing it, bro.”

“Haha, you are welcome to.” Joseph gave the permission.


I is through you where I ’am sleepless

It is through you where I’ am labeled

It is through you where my close friends and relatives hate me and treat me like an outcast

Many say you are a destination but to me you are journey

The way to you is a murky and rough one

But I’m willing to take it

Because I long for you

Like I have met you before but

I’ve never had

As the world becomes noxious

It is by then where my longing for you forges.

There are lots of things I can’t afford

I watched and observed as how

Many fickle because they chose to be cynical

But I chose to be positive

Because it’s part of the journey to success

Is not a destination is my journey

I shall never seek my comfort zone

When I reach you because you need to be fed

To keep growing I would be like a spruit to you

To make sure that you are left intact

I’m irascible alone and wondering

When will the day come

{He concluded}

All of the guys were touched including the author.

“Oh, guys the poem must have been got into y’all right,” Jon asked

“Yeah I can’t believe Joseph wrote that. Damn he is a genius, and best recital there Jonathan.” Embraced Portia

“Yeah this little boy is amazing” continued Nicole

“Okay, I appreciate it guys, enough with the mushy stuff. Hey, Jon thanks a lot for keeping that poem with you.”

“Anytime bud. You know that I will neither betray you nor forsake you.”

{They hugged and Portia shared an awkward look with Nicole.}

“Is everything okay between you guys? Nic and Portia?” Joseph asked.

“Yeah absolutely.” replied Portia, seeming edgy.

“Nic?” he continued

“Yeah I’m just thinking about my awesomeness.” replied Nicole.

“Anyway whatever it is. I guess it is none of my business. I’m kinda tipsy right now; I guess this is my cue to leave. Thanks for the hangout guys it really helped got over that contest thing. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight bud.” replied Jon.

He left.

“Guys you really have to Joseph. That boy is special.” Suggested Jonathan

“Tell him what?” Portia asked, in pretense.

“Portia, Jonathan knows so I guess you should that pretense act.” Informed Nicole

“How could you tell him? Are you insane?” she yelled.

“Keep it down girl!” muttered Jonathan.

“So I suggest you will tell him. I’m leaving you now to discuss the date, time and venue where you are going to tell that boy the truth.” He said, standing up with his cooler box going to his crib.

“Okay, Portia we are in a big trouble now.”

“Yeah, this is huge Nic. I don’t even know you that much, but I practically slept with you. Damn this is so real. But I gotta ask you something, can I?” she asked.

“Yeah you are welcome to.” He agreed.

“Did it mean anything to you or it was one hell of your one-night stands?” she asked.

“I don’t really know Portia. At this moment I’m kinda confused, I betrayed my boy” he replied.

“Oh!” she sobbed.

“I’m really sorry Portia. I can’t really talk about feelings right now. Maybe it did felt different with you because usually when I’m done with a girl, I don’t speak with them again. With you the eish is different, I’m not sure if it is because I kinda like you or I’m feeling guilty about all this.” He replied, wondering.

“I totally understand Nicole. It is fine really. Anyway I guess nature will take its course, Joseph will find out the truth when it comes out, it will inevitably come out. Goodnight Nicole.”

“Night Portia”

Portia and Nicole couldn’t reach any agreement about spilling the truth to Joseph. It was not an easy thing to swallow.

The days went by, weeks and months followed. The end quarter of the year approached. The preparations for exams also approached, it was stressful for all students and learners. After all the long stressful exams, finally the day of reports cards followed. It was the last day for Joseph and other 9th graders at their middle school. Those who made it were starting to discuss their ways through. Which high school they are going to and other stuff. Joseph bumped into Harmony to ask if there were any future between the two of them.

“Hey stranger what up?” greeted Joseph

“Hey, Joseph how are you? How have you been though? I haven’t seen you for a while now.” She greeted back.

“I have been awesome. How did it go with the report card? I bet you passed with flying colors.” continued Joseph.

“Haha, I passed normally.” She replied.

“Anyway, I gotta ask you though. As you know that I told you how I feel about you. I even got myself in pageant contests just for you. Is there any future between the two of us?” he asked.

“Uhmm about the future I really don’t know, I’m not a fortune teller right! What I know is the present, you and I really can’t date at this moment because I already have a boyfriend that I really love.” She replied.

“The boyfriend is Daniel?” he asked, with a disappointed and hurt face.

“No, it’s definitely not Daniel. It is someone I can’t disclose. I’m really sorry Jose.”

“Argh it’s fine, it is always like this with me. There’s always some guy to disturb me. But it’s okay hey.” he replied, hurtfully.

“Which High school are you going to?” she asked

“RHS you?”

“Same here, that’s great, I guess I will see you next year.” She continued.

“Yeah, next year it is. Maybe I might be the lucky guy.” He said, winking.

“Haha you never give up hey; I guess we will never know. Goodbye Joseph, take care of yourself during the festive.”

“Right back at you.”

That’s when Joseph and Harmony saw each other for the last time in 2010. Joseph then went with his then classmates to celebrate their success, all looking forward to the high school experience in 2011.

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