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Escapism II

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Escaping life isn't something we all desire. Life is often filled with barriers of which one is too scared to pass. Sometimes, all you need is an outside perspective. A little, push...

Mystery / Horror
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Life is a mismatch of characters, no one person is the same. We all lead different lives and view the world in our own unique way. Such an important feature is often overlooked by many, society quite often forcing conformity. Even on the smallest of things, many people demand you talk a certain way, demand you eat a certain way, demand you think a certain way. People demand conformity.

I wish to introduce a girl. About the age of a young adult, she worked as an assistant to a bank manager, an exceedingly intelligent girl. Many of her peers would admit she was the smartest person they had ever met, however gender roles and refusal to admit so prevented such admittance. Quite frankly, she was an underappreciated genius.

Living in a large city, she had been brought up in a highly religious family. Her parents were so devoted that they went to church every evening to pray. It was however much to their disgrace that their daughter renounced faith for academic work. In their disgrace, they sent her to live with her uncle. He was a very old and kindly fellow but died when she was young. Growing up alone, she became independent and depressed by the hardships of life. With no guardian to keep her safe, she had endured constant dangers and harassment. Growing up as an intelligent woman was a hard life, enduring attacks, and threats.

This girl was known to all who knew her as Janet. Her surname useless and nothing but a source of pain, she had abandoned it. Like an old dirty rag it only caused her disgust.

It is on a dark night that this account begins. A night like every other she had endured. One of pain, suffering and torment. Life had been a constant source of pain, and yet again, it felt like she had fallen off a cliff.

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