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The Warlock of Lake Agnes (Title still unsure)

By Anna-Colette Karounis All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Romance


Andy is a senior a Lake Agnes High, he loves mysteries and has always been fascinated with the mysteries surrounding the town's history. That and Jason Andrews. What happens when Andy accidentally practices voodoo on Jason?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

Lake Agnes is a small town in central Pennsylvania that’s surrounded by seemingly never-ending farms. It’s built next to a once medium-sized lake, which in modern times, resembles more of a large pond or a really, really small lake. The town is named after an infamous witch, Agnes Calvo. Agnes was married to one of the men on the ship coming here, but she died of Pneumonia soon after they arrived. There’s a bunch of cool legends surrounding her being a witch, one of them is that many of the villagers reported seeing her walking around after she died. I mean like, I understand why they started thinking there was a possibility this lady was a witch, she had a kid a year, for eight years! Eight years of having a child a year, how did she and her husband take all of those kids?! Nobody knows. There’s a lot more than just that, the town has a really cool history, which is one of the few reasons I don’t mind living here, well that and the school.

My best friend Dina Gomez waited for me outside of the school grounds.

The school is a small building, only one floor; unless you count the basement where the boiler room is. It’s painted a peach-beige color, and the area around it has some mediocrely maintained gardens. it’s a pretty nice school, I mean, as far as I know we don’t have a lot of bullying, most of us know each other, and because everything is done alphabetically, you probably will never be forced to interact with kids you haven’t dealt with for most of your life. I mean, I’ve had the same kids in my homeroom class for all four years I’ve been in high school.

“Yo Andy! You’re actually early to school for once?” She exclaimed. I usually don’t wake up with my alarm, so of course the one day I get to school on time she’d be surprised

“Hi Dina…” The overwhelming amount of blue in Dina’s outfit made her stand out to the students in gray around her. Today she did something different with her hair, instead of pulling her brown hair into a ponytail, her hair hung loosely around her shoulders.

Dina and I walked together onto the school courtyard in comfortable silence, the chatter around us was enough noise for the morning. I always wonder how can some people be so awake at seven am on a Monday. I can barely stay awake, let alone keep a conversation going for more than a few words.

We arrived at our homeroom class, it was around fifteen minutes before class started but the classroom was a nice, quiet place to sit in the morning.

Dina and I walked over to the back corner on the right-hand side of the room. I sat down at my desk and I placed my head the cool surface, it felt nice on my forehead. Suddenly Dina kicked me. I looked up ready to protest when I saw who just walked in. Jason Andrews, five foot two, brown hair, and the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Of course in our total of six years in common classes, I’ve only had two actual conversations with him. It’s not just me who’s charmed by him, our whole class loves him, hell there’s probably even a Jason protection squad.

Speaking about a Jason protection squad, two people came in right after Jason. Jenna Denison, and her twin brother, Damien Denison. Compared to her brother, Jenna was very short, but she tried making up the height difference with high heels.

“Oh hey Dina!” Damien waved at Dina and started walking over to our little corner, brushing a hand through his short blonde hair “are you excited for the game this Thursday?”

Dina was on the baseball team, the team in our school was Co-op due to the lack of girls participating in the softball team.

“Hell yeah I am!” Dina beamed, she loves any mention of sports. Actually the reason she was wearing blue was to support her favorite baseball team, the Kansas city royals.

“Good morning Andy!” I turned around and saw Hannah Anderson leaning over my desk. We were on the debate team together. I didn’t really like debate all that much, just it seemed like a good way to get out of the house, and it was better than sports. We had lost the regionals this year so me and Hannah didn’t have to really interact, but she still tried to talk to me occasionally.

“Good morning Hannah.” I tried to muster my best smile.

I put my face back down on my desk, and turned my head towards the left so that my right cheek was against the surface. Jason sat two seats over. Jenna was sitting on his desk and she was laughing at something he was saying. She was twirling her long blonde hair around her finger. Wow flirting much, Jenna? A wide smile stretched across Jason’s face as well, but he wasn’t laughing. Jason noticed me staring at him and waved at me. I turned my head the other way. My heart was beating faster and my face grew warm, I really hoped I wasn’t blushing.

The bell rang signalling the beginning of first period, and our homeroom teacher, Miss Ambrosino walked in.

“Good morning!” She began “So we’re going to start with attendance and then start with our lesson.”

Miss Ambrosino took out a binder, she tucked a curly auburn strand of hair behind her ear as she opened it to the first page. Everyone was here but she was still required to call attendance. She started calling kids names one by one until she reached mine.

“Andrew Erving?” She called out.

I raised my hand “here!”

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