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The Last Encore

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A struggling musician encounters a spiritual connection with a former music legend, propelling the two into an exciting and inspiring journey to live out a shared dream - the last encore. Matthew is a struggling musician, left on his own after his mother tragically passed away. He’s trying to realise his dream of becoming the one thing he’d been hoping and praying for – to become a successful musician. One night he finds a mysterious note pushed underneath his door and the author invites him to take up the challenge – if he’s serious about following his heart. Acting on instinct and prayers being answered, Matthew agrees to meet the stranger on the rooftop of his apartment building. And so Matthew’s path crosses with the mysterious Rocco, sent to be a mentor to help guide the young man through the many pitfalls of becoming a successful musician. Rocco has a secret though. He was a world-famous rock star in his heyday, riding the wave of success before tragically passing away in a freak accident while on holiday. Rocco has been tasked to steer Matthew through the obstacles facing him in a world he longs to be but do not always understand … and thus starts a journey of trust and friendship between 2 vastly different men. They have one goal though … and that is for Matthew to do whatever he needed to do in order to fulfill his destiny.

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Chapter 1

All I’m asking for is just one more time. I would give just about anything to experience the exhilaration of standing on stage, in front of thousands and thousands of adoring fans, and do what I was born to do one last time. I want to feel the energy of the crowd surround and elevate me to the highest heavens so that I’m not aware of myself anymore. I want to lose myself in the music; become one with the pulsing rhythm and allow the lyrics to transport me to a place beyond my imagination.

I want to fly, higher than the sun. I want to ride on the crescent of undiluted energy; the kind you only find at a rock concert. I want to cast my eyes over the crowd in front of the stage and see them bouncing up and down in time with the music. I want to see countless emotions reflected on their faces as they leave behind their mundane lives and follow me wherever I wanted to take them. I want to see them sing along to the songs I’ve written and experience the ecstasy of hearing the lyrics sung back to me.

I want! I want! But fuck it! What I want I can’t have!

There is only one problem though. I haven’t been on a stage, let alone sing my heart out, in too many years I care to remember. The life I’ve lived as a rock star has come and gone; much to my dismay. It all ended very suddenly and it took me by complete surprise. That’s not how I’ve planned it at all. But isn’t that the usual story? I never saw that one coming; not by a mile. But that’s a story for another time. I have to find a solution to this situation though. I’ve got to think of a way to feed this unquenchable thirst I have. I want to experience the love and adoration of thousands. I want to hear them chant my name until even the music is obscured by the insistent rousing voices.

Do you think I’m vain? I probably am, yeah … but, hey; that’s what rock stars are all about! I was fucking great back then. Everybody thought so too; especially my fans. I know I still am. I still have what it takes; that hasn’t died. I can’t shake the feeling, that given half a chance; I can show them what it means to be hailed as a rock god.

Why this burning desire? I guess it has to do with immortality. It has been said many, many times over but another rock star said it best: When you have a song that becomes part of people’s lives, forever making memories, it is nothing short of magic. It is the closest thing to immortality we’ll ever know.

And I guess that’s the bottom line …

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